Claire Underwood's Season 3 Outfits Are The Best

There are few more complex characters on television than Claire Underwood in House of Cards. One minute I think she's powerful and amazing, and the next moment I am absolutely terrified of her in many different ways. She's confusing and sometimes just plain evil, but one thing remains constant: The woman is very, very well dressed. Through three seasons, Claire Underwood's outfits have managed to be painfully chic while still conservative enough to be a politicians wife, a UN ambassador, and an accessory to murder. You know, just covering all the basics.

Now, if you haven't started on season three yet, first thing's first: What have you been doing with your life? Granted, this is coming from someone who stayed up until 5 a.m. on the first Saturday that the season was released, so I'm probably a little more dedicated than most, but you know, still—by now you've had sufficient time to see all the episodes. And second of all, if you haven't watched yet, these photos and the details surrounding them may reveal some spoilers. They will also show you why Claire Underwood is better dressed than you even on her off days. Prepare to learn a few lessons here, guys. Here are 7 amazing Claire Underwood fashion moments from season 3, in no particular order.

1. The Backless Dress

This dress is honestly the most exciting thing to happen in the entire season, and certainly the sexiest.

2. Brown Hair and Black Dress

Claire's transition to brown hair was a major shock this season, but she (obviously) pulled it off flawlessly.

3. Presidential Portrait

Work. It.

4. Simple White Blouse

Nothing classier than a silk blouse, my friends. Nothing.

5. The Shift Dresses

I couldn't choose a favorite, OK?

6. Classy White Turtleneck

And just like that, you impulsively purchase a white ribbed turtleneck online.

7. Sassy White Dress

I mean, this is what you're SUPPOSED to wear when you're riding in the back of a limo with secret service. Naturally.

Images: David Giesbrecht for Netflix