Harrison Ford's The Most Badass 72-Year-Old Ever

In shocking and scary news Thursday, Harrison Ford crashed his plane on a golf course in Venice, CA, after experiencing engine problems mid-flight. Thankfully, Ford is said to be doing OK despite the fact that crashes such as this one generally have much more dire outcomes — meaning the actor walked away from a crash that should have been much worse. Take this as proof, guys: Harrison Ford the most badass septuagenarian there is. From crash-landing planes like he did today to talking about previous plane crashes like it ain't no thang to being the dude who portrayed Han Solo and Indiana Jones, there's really no denying it at all now.

So, while Ford is resting in the hospital and making a hopefully speedy and full recovery (according to Ford's son Ben Ford on Twitter, Ford is "battered, but OK," which is amazing news to hear) it's probably worth taking a look at some reasons why Ford is the most badass 72-year-old there is. Of course, we won't be able to get through them all — if I attempted that, we'd be here all day! — but there are a lot of great ones, all deserving of attention, especially now.

He crash-landed a plane and survived what should have been a dire crash

Proof of badass.

He's survived plane crashes before — and he likens it to "scraping your bumper"

Meanwhile, I can't board a plane without at least one cocktail in my system.

He rescued a 13-year-old boy scout who was stranded in Yellowstone National Park — with his helicopter

Real life superhero!

He's played some of the most badass characters ever, and totally believably

It's my firm belief that Indiana Jones is the most badass character to ever grace Hollywood, but Han Solo is a close second. And who can forget Air Force One?!

He doesn't take sh*t from anyone, even Chewbacca

Can the rest of us say the same?

...or anyone digging for spoilers

Again: Can the rest of us say the same?

He has always commanded the screen, even in his earliest TV interview

Also, can we talk about EVERYONE'S HAIR?

Here's hoping Ford makes a speedy recovery!