Kristen Bell's Daughter Hasn't Seen 'Frozen', But The Actress Is Keeping It From Her For A Very Good Reason

Just when you thought that the USA might just stand for the United States of Arendelle, someone comes along and changes our whole perception of everything. Most surprisingly, the person to disturb our widely accepted Frozen-conquered world is Princess Anna herself, Kristen Bell. As it turns out, Bell hasn't shown Frozen to her daughter Lincoln yet, despite her very significant role in the movie. It's sort of unfathomable how she's achieved such a feat since the film has been literally everywhere, but by god, she's done it. And it's not because she's anti-Frozen or anything. She truly has a very calculated and informed reason behind her decision.

As she explained to Us Weekly,

I don't blame her for trying to keep her daughter as imaginative and creative as possible for as long as she can. But, when Bell does decide to finally let Lincoln, and her little sister, Delta, in on the Frozen magic it'll be for an even better reason.


She told the site that she appreciates the movie because of it's focus on strong familial bonds and she wants to share that with her kids:

Bell just gets it, you guys. When they're old enough, Lincoln and Delta could learn a lot from the Elsa and Anna relationship, as I'm sure anyone with a sister has. Because let's admit it, it's not always easy growing up with a sister but it is always worth it. Frozen shows us that by shedding light on both sides of the relationship.

For example, how it can be rough for older sisters to take on the brunt of the responsibility

Considering those pesky kids are always getting into some sort of mischief.

But, it's not exactly easy for kid sisters, either, who just want to be accepted

Because they're fun and youthful, and what's so wrong with that?

Then, eventually, you come to an understand each other and realize that you're both crucially important to each other in equal but different ways


No one tell my sister I said this, please. I may never live it down. I blame you, your movie, and your wonderful parenting skills for this emotional breakdown, Bell!

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