Where Can You Get Courtney's Yummy Treats?

by Maitri Suhas

As heart-broken as I am that Aziz Ansari is no longer a bachelor, I'm happy that he's found a pretty great match. Aziz Ansari's girlfriend, Courtney McBroom, who he's been dating for about a year and a half (as he reveals in his new Netflix special, Live At Madison Square Garden), is a rising star in the food world. And if there's anyone who loves food and comedy unconditionally, it's Aziz. Luckily, Courtney McBroom seems like not only a great chef, but a fun one. So if you want to get in on some of her delicious eats, you're probably wondering where Courtney McBroom works.

Unfortunately, McBroom is not permanently committed to any one spot, but the Los Angeles chef still gives the public what they want — just for a limited time only. McBroom helms the Large Marge Cooks pop-up along with fellow chef and pal Leslie Behrens. The two used to work together in New York at the infamous Momofuku Milk Bar, where they spent their time whipping up what are now the shop's signature sweet treats. For instance, the "Crack Pie" which is a totally fitting name because they are freakishly addictive.

In fact, McBroom helped pen the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook which features another classic: the Compost Cookie, a "chunky chocolate-chip cookie studded with crunchy salty pretzels and coffee grounds." How could Ansari NOT love a woman who can manufacture these delights?

And though her pastry days aren't totally behind her, McBroom's Large Marge is a more comprehensive project, with all sorts of delicious dishes that Los Angeles residents can enjoy at Sunday pop-ups at the restaurant Son Of A Gun.

Luckily, LA Eater assures us that McBroom and Behrens are trying to turn Large Marge into a brick and mortar restaurant some time this year, so everyone can taste their queso. What's that, you say? Queso is pedestrian? Not according to Food And Wine Magazine, which named Large Marge's queso the best fondue in the United States. Their secret is apparently "processed white American cheese melted with buttermilk, heavy cream, skim milk and garlic powder." Lord, have mercy.

McBroom and Behrens post tons of tantalizing photos on their Instagram and Tumblr of the new offerings for each pop-up. Some of their recent dishes have been a CHURRO CAKE (caps just so you know you didn't misread), wood-fired oysters with chile butter, and hamachi with avocado and citrus.

Clearly McBroom is a creative and innovative chef, so I'm crossing my fingers that she'll soon open up a permanent spot in Los Angeles, so I can book a table not only to eat aforementioned churro cake and queso — a meal fit for a king — but also to hopefully catch a glimpse of Ansari. Also fitting, Tom Haverford was a restaurant mogul for a time, so maybe Ansari is trying to live out Tom's dream in his real life.

But even if you don't see Aziz hanging around, rest assured, his presence will be known—he wrote the descriptions for his girlfriend's menu, including a cocktail called the "Let's Do This," one of his signature lines. You can find info about their pop-ups and pictures of their amazing food on their Tumblr.