This Mini-Beyonce Clothing Is Totally Genuis

by Augusta Statz

Ok, so what’s better than Beyoncé? Ummmm, nothing — especially when it comes to her style. But, what if her looks came in mini versions? I mean, that’d be pretty cool, right? Right! Now, thanks to That Doll Couture, you can find miniature Beyonce´ ensembles that are tiny enough to fit on a Bratz doll. Amazing, I know. Kind of makes you want to start playing with dolls again, no?

Yoncé posted a picture of a doll wearing her signature "Surfboard" sweatshirt to her Instagram and sent the Beyhive reeling. “Is there going to be a Beyoncé Bratz doll, and where can I get one? Why hasn't someone thought of this before," I asked myself, immediately. And while it doesn’t seem to be the case that you can own this adorable Beyoncé doll just yet, there is a huge Bey fan out there who has been making itsy bitsy versions of the singer's iconic wardrobe. So, we’ll have to settle with that for now! And at least maybe little Blue Ivy can snag a doll for herself!

The That Doll Couture's Instagram feed is littered with looks Queen B has sported, and the creator of these #flawless mini ensembles also has an Etsy account that takes custom orders. Sign me up!






Drunk In Love Performance

On The Run

A good many of Yoncé’s latest outfits have already been recreated, but there are more looks I’d love to see. So, That Doll Couture, please consider this my custom order:

VMAs Look


This sparkly bodice would be bling-tastic in mini version. I can’t think of anything better!

CR Fashion Book Spread

How great is this coat, first of all. Paired with Bey’s long tresses, I just love this look. I think it’d be so cute in miniature!

Casual Bey

Oh, you know, just hanging out in leather shorts. This is just one of my favorite looks on Bey. Those shorts! On that body! Can’t get enough.

Varsity Yoncé

I love how simple and school-girlish this outfit is. The big "B" makes it perfect for both Beyoncé and Bratz!

Laid Back Beyoncé

This poncho is everything. It’s such a laid-back look.


This fringe dress is so fun!! It’s on trend and perfect for your mini-Yoncé.

All White Ensemble

Beyoncé’s Oscars dress was the definition of classic elegance. How fun would it be to play dress up with this look?

Image: Getty