What Will 'Toy Story 4's Plot Actually Be?

by Mary Grace Garis

It's fair to say that Toy Story 4 was already a title mired in controversy, but you're gonna have to hold onto your hats for this little update. According to Pixar Studio President Jim Morris, Toy Story 4 's plot isn't related to Toy Story 3 , and more traumatizing than that, it'll be a romantic comedy. All I have to say to that is what, and why, and can someone get me off this planet, it's spinning too hard. Seriously, though, I can only vaguely conceive what a Toy Story rom-com would even look like.

The thing is, the first 3 Toy Story films were absolutely equal in quality and similar in story. Time after they they revived a familiar plotlines, such as "People and plastic figures grow apart from each other" and "getting back to your home" and "learning who you are and what your purpose is." And now they're going to dump that all away to write a romantic comedy with all new faces?

And that's another thing. Allegedly it's also slated to be a stand alone sequel, which potentially means none of the original characters would be in it. Or maybe, who knows, maybe they can incorporate a spin-off aspect and just focus on one or two characters. Either way, I'm really not sold.

If you're more optimistic, please consider these possible story lines...

Toy Story 4: Trixie and Reptillius Maximus Forever

I'm not just making up words, if you watched the holiday one-shot Toy Story That Time Forgot, you would recognize Reptillius as the Battlesaur that had the hots for Trixie. What happens when Trixie and Reptillius try to take the next step? Tribe moves into Reptillius' plastic cave playset, and they instantly clash. Trixie is a wacky free spirit, and Reptillius plays by the rules. Will these two crazy kids be able to negotiate their differences?

Toy Story 4: Sleepless in an Orthodontist's Office

After years of wear and tear and some deep-rooted issues involving Bo Peep, Woody leaves the care of a pre-teen Bonnie and gets abandoned at an orthodontist's office. He gradually makes friends with all the toys there, like "slidey wooden shape thing" and "Sega machine from 1990." Then things change he meets a Bratz doll in charge, Yasmin (voiced by Meg Ryan). Though animosity brews between them at first as they struggle for power in the commune, they eventually fall for one another one day over coffee. Nora Ephron would direct, but she's dead.

Toy Story 4: 500 Days of Furby

We start fresh completely and focus on Morkie, an aimless puppy Webkin looking for "the one." His life starts to have meaning when someone buys a Boom Crystal Furby for his owner's birthday. Furby is like no other toy Morkie has dealt with before, they're completely compatible. That is, until Furby starts waking up in the middle of the night, speaking in what can only be described as tongues. The movie ends when Morkie's owner just throws out the Furby because they're terrifying.

Toy Story 4: Sponsored by Apple

It's just about two iPads that really dig each other.

Children don't play with toys anymore.

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