Help This Person Afford Kanye x Adidas

No one was really surprised when the prices of Kanye West x Adidas collection were revealed to be, well, insane. A plain, oversized sweatshirt would cost somewhere around $430, while knits could run over $1,000. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of a million stylish hearts breaking around the world. Although West told that prices aren't official yet and that, "we’ll eventually get them super inexpensive," I'm not holding my breath for that day. And neither is this anonymous GoFundMe user. A person going by the name of "Broke Homie" set up a GoFundMe page called "Help Me Buy Clothes From Kanye" so that he can afford to shop the collection.

In his post, Broke Home wrote, "Yeezus dropped a clothing line but I think Kanye forgot we're not all Kardashians and I need y'all to put some money together so I can cop some of these fresh 'walking dead couture' from Donda's son." He even signed it "Nori Bless." I'd fund this guy myself if only I needed to save my own precious cash in order to afford clothes. And food. And rent. You know, all the things Kanye never has to worry about, hence why he designed a collection full of army jackets and full-body stockings reminiscent of morph suits without their heads.

All Broke Homie is asking is for $10,000 to be able to sport West's "walking dead couture," but so far he's only received $200.

Images: Getty