Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Troll Some People Who Deserve It: Scalpers

The fact that there is a nearly empty bottle of alcohol on the table in front of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in this video is pretty telling: What you are about to watch is going to be something magical. So, you know it, and I know it: Scalpers are the worst. There is nothing more soul-crushing and disappointing than rushing to buy tickets to a gig you really want to attend, only to discover that it's all sold out despite the fact that tickets just went on sale, like, 30 seconds ago. It's only worse knowing the reason for this is scalpers who will try to resell the tickets at a massively inflated price on Craigslist. Yeah, everyone's gotta make that dollar somehow and all that — I'm not hating on the hustle — but scalping is pretty much the lowest form of making money in the history of ever. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis agree, so, in response, they put together a video of themselves trolling some scalpers who were selling tickets to their show in Seattle at twice the actual cost.

As I pointed out, the alcohol bottle is telling: These two are probably pretty wasted at the time this video was filmed. But that's okay, because it's amazing! So go ahead, watch Macklemore put on a fake accent, and mess with people who so greatly deserve it. It's Monday morning and you don't want to do anything else anyway. Who wants to start the petition to give these guys their own show where they just prank call people all day?

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