Justin Bieber Fails Miserably At Instagram Caption

by Maitri Suhas

Justin Bieber. Do we love him? Do we hate him? Do we love to hate him, because his antics provide him some sort of joy, whatsoever brief, in our chaotic, stressful lives? Either way, it feels like there's a change in the air whenever he does something especially ridiculous, and Friday was one of those days. On March 5, Justin Bieber posted a deep and emotional Instagram of himself viewed from a three-quarter angle, shirtless, as per usual, staring off into the distance. Besides the stellar composition of the image, Bieber captioned it with this literary gold: "great birthday [crown emoji] and i'm not fat it's the angle." Justin Bieber: the gift that keeps on giving.

Obviously, Bieber was oblivious to the humblebraggy air that the pic exudes. And it's especially disappointing, because as ridiculous as Bieber's Instagrams can be, his captions are usually innocuous. "Happy Valentine's Day," he writes. "Congrats @bigsean, great show." Aw, that's nice. But perhaps wisest of all, Bieber usually leaves his photos captionless, letting them speak for themselves. Less is more, Biebs! Why didn't you apply that wisdom to this "I'm not fat it's the angle" photo?

Since you can edit your Instagram captions now, I have some suggestions that Bieber could have used instead of his transparent fishing for compliments. Rise above it, Biebs. Be creative.

  • Haters are my motivators
  • New year, New look, New me
  • #mycalvins

Or he could have gone with the Bieber classic, a photo, caption-less, leaving its true meaning to his hoard of Beliebers. Happy 21st, Justin. May this year bring you more wisdom, or at least the ability to proofread your Instagram captions.