You Have to See Justin Bieber's New Tattoo

Justin Bieber just got another tattoo. OK, full disclosure, it's not real. It's just a clever marketing campaign for his upcoming Comedy Central show. The new promo for the Justin Bieber roast shows the singer getting freshly inked... with a large target on his back. Get it? Because he's doomed come roasting time? "How does it look?" Bieber asks. "It's f***ing perfect," the tattoo artist replies.

The 18 second clip is funny in its own right because it's poking fun at Bieber's ever-growing collection of tattoos. (Remember when he said he was done with ink for good, and then two weeks later got a tattoo that said "patience"? You can't make that stuff up.) But like with his egg throwing-themed promo, the best part of the ads is that it's clear Bieber is in on the joke.

It's going to make laughing at him a lot more fun if I know I'm not just outright picking on him. I mean, he probably deserves some of it. But I have to say, it's a lot more fun to mock something when everyone is on the same page and you know you're not being cruel for the sake of being cruel. No, he asked for this and he's playing along, so we can relax and enjoy the Bieber jokes to come on March 30.

For now, check out the promo below. (And fingers crossed he doesn't actually get this tattoo, because at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he did.)