Someone's Selling Air From A Kanye Concert On eBay

While I don't know that I can go so far as to say this is the most ridiculous eBay auction that's ever happened, it's definitely the one that's made me roll my eyes the most — like, to the point that I was briefly afraid my face would get stuck that way and I'd have to go to the ER and explain to the doctors why exactly this had happened to me. According to Uproxx (and, well, the eBay auction itself) some genius/insane person on the Internet with the username stangeedon1 is selling a bag of air on eBay allegedly procured from Kanye West's concert. No explanation of which Kanye West concert it's from, or where exactly in the Kanye West concert the air was taken — just that it is a bag full of air that was once shared by Kanye and an arena full of random Kanye fans, and it can be yours if you have over $60,100 to spare to beat the highest bidder. Seems sane!

Seriously, I didn't make that number up: $60,100 is the highest bid for this bag of air. Part of me isn't quite surprised that the amount is so high, honestly — I once witnessed fans of Snoop Dogg go into a frenzy at an Orange County–area movie theater when an employee found an empty candy box he left behind at his seat after watching a movie — but another part of me is just really, really sad that someone has $60,100 to spare for air .

Of course, this isn't the craziest auction (or bidding amount) to ever grace the website we know and love as eBay: Since its start in 1995, eBay has been home to many an insane auction, each one just as crazy as the next. So in honor (???) of this Kanye West bag of air, let's take a look at just a few:

The phone number 867-5309

While I can't deny it'd be pretty cool to own the phone number 867-5309, popularized by the Tommy Tutone '80s song, "867-5309/Jenny," it's not worth the $365,000 the bidding eventually went up to when the number was listed in 2009. According to CNN, the New York C area code version of the number was listed by a DJ from New Jersey.

An awkward date

Isn't this what Tinder is for? Even weirder: According to the guy who created the auction — and subsequently posted about it on Reddit — it sort of worked?

Britney Spears' hair

This one actually makes me sad more than anything else: Back in 2007, according to the BBC, someone tried to pass off some locks of hair as those that Britney Spears shaved off in an L.A.-area tattoo parlor during her very publicized breakdown that same year.

The entire country of New Zealand

Aaaand this one is more hilarious than anything else: Australia/New Zealand rivalries hit a high point back in 2006 when, according to TVNZ, Australians tried to sell the entire country of New Zealand on eBay...for 1 cent. Bidding eventually reached $3,000, but the listing was then removed because of laws or something.

The meaning of life

Even better, the bidding for this started at $10.50, according to Oddee. I mean, I'm a person that'll barely pay 99 cents for an iPhone app, but even I can say that $10.50 isn't a bad deal for the secrets of the universe and stuff. (Unless they meant the excellent 1983 film Monty Python's Meaning Of Life , in which case, nah.)

Haunted Doll

NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. According to Metro, the seller detailed the allegedly haunted doll's offenses in the description, saying his son had been "scratched on his face in his sleep," and the whole family had awoken with mysterious bruises. THIS IS HOW HORROR MOVIES START, GUYS.


Again with the countries. This time, someone tried to sell the entire country of Iceland back in 2008, when they were going through economic turmoil. Bidding started pretty low, according to Reuters, at "99 pence" (which is about $1.50 USD), but eventually reached £10,000,000 before the listing was taken down because selling countries online is illegal or something.

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