Proof Emma Watson Should Be All Disney Characters

by Loretta Donelan

As you probably know by now, Emma Watson will play Belle in the upcoming live-action adaption of Beauty and the Beast. It's sort of a perfect casting if you think about it: Emma Watson is basically a Disney character princess already, so Watson as Belle doesn't seem that far from the truth. However, I think that Watson should try her hand at more Disney characters in the future — especially the villainy ones. Even better, I have proof.

You might not have heard about Disney Side, a new iPhone app from Disney Parks that transforms you into various Disney characters, from Frozen to Pirates of the Caribbean. It's not just "face in hole" nonsense, and it's a lot better than what Photoshopping can do. I recommend that you download it, though I'll warn you; it can get a little creepy, especially if you do play around with it at night: Not only does it add accurate details like wrinkles and mustaches, but it animates your face as well. I tried uploading my own image, and I saw my face blink back at me with Disney princess lashes, or smirk when I clicked on Jafar.

But I had a mission, and no amount of creepy blinking could deter me: To see whether Watson would look good in other roles, and to test the possibilities of the Disney Side app, I uploaded Watson's picture to the app. And though it was fun to see Watson as the Frozen princesses, I was much more impressed by her as a Disney villain.

Here's what I started with:


And here's Emma as Anna from Frozen:

This seems pretty accurate, even likely.

And as Kristoff:

So handsome.

As an unnamed lady pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean:

Wow, she blinked! So embarrassing.

As Queen Amidala from Star Wars:

Sorry Emma, I don't buy it. Here's where it gets good:

As Darth Maul, also of Star Wars:

The perfect role for Emma.

As Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty:

Step aside, Angelina.

As Jafar from Aladdin:

That smirk, so seductive.

As Captain Hook from Peter Pan:

The look of crocodile-induced panic looks so real.

As Barbarossa from Pirates of the Caribbean:

She ages well.

And, finally, as undead Barbarossa.

Still attractive. Watson is perfect.

Images: Getty; Disney Side (10)