Is This The Worst Diet Invention Ever? Probably

by Alanna Greco

When technology meets dieting, all sorts of things happen: from the creation of the rather normal food diary and calorie counter apps to more bizarre inventions like waist-slimming belts. But those diet aides have nothing on the WearSens diet choker, the weirdest wearable that we have seen to date and something that we are not likely to use anytime soon.

The WearSens, created by engineers at UCLA, is a necklace with the technology to monitor everything that you put in you throat. Using piezoelectric sensors to monitor your throat’s vibrations, the WearSens automatically guesses and tracks what and how much you are eating. And the guesses are pretty precise—a study found that the WearSens could distinguish between liquids and solids, as well as hot and cold drinks, with 90 percent accuracy. Apparently, each food makes a distinct pattern of vibrations, so the WearSens knows if what you’re eating is crispy and hard or soft and moist.

So how does this help you diet? The choker is linked to an app, which can be programmed to send you notifications when undesirable behavior occurs, such as eating too fast, skipping a meal, not drinking enough liquids, or eating too much. The app can be programmed with specific goals, so if you are trying to gain weight or maintain your weight the notifications might vary. However, despite the clever technology, there is still one big problem with this invention — no one wants to wear an unattractive monitor around their neck 24/7. Wearable technology for your wrists is socially acceptable, and the Belty is pushing it, but this just goes a bit too far.

So for now, we are going to categorize the WearSens with these other strange weight-loss strategies and products that we won’t ever try:

1. The Caffeine Bra

Not only does this absolutely not work, but the last place most women want to lose weight is from their breasts.

2. The Balloon Diet

Swallowing a balloon so that it takes up room in your stomach that would otherwise be for food? No thank you!

3. Ear Staples

Placing these surgical staples in the inner ear is supposed to mimic a certain type of acupuncture that suppresses appetite. Um, what?

Images: VivianneBendermacher/Twitter, Giphy (3)