Should You Replace Your FitBit With This?

We’ve all heard of fitness trackers that you can wear on your wrists or clip onto your jeans, but a new invention takes wearable fitness technology to a new level. French startup Emiota introduced Belty, the belt that will help you lose weight, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,

Belty is more than a smart fitness belt that tracks your daily steps and movement — it also adjusts itself to your waist in real time. It will get looser when you sit down and re-tighten when you stand back up. It will even loosen when it senses that you have eaten too much and contract when it senses that you have slimmed down. And that’s not all — if the Belty senses that you have been sitting too long, it will start to vibrate as a reminder to get moving.

The Belty is equipped with an accelerator, small motors, and a gyroscope to keep track of your waistline and movement. The information gathered by the Belty is automatically synced with an app that is used to track the wearer’s waistline measurements and report progress. The app will even send push notifications with suggestions based on how the belt is adjusting, either encouraging the wearer to get to the gym or congratulating them on their performance.

For now, the Belty isn’t quite finished. The design is chunky and unattractive, and apparently the accessory is quite heavy. Emiota has also yet to announce a price, but the company hopes that the Belty will be ready for consumers by next year.

So, if you know a tech enthusiast who struggled with the temptation of holiday treats all last month, then consider their next holiday gift already found.

Image: TheVerge/Twitter