Kris Jenner Slammed on 'SNL' & Her Reaction to the Scathing Insults Is Priceless

Can Cecily Strong be my best friend, please? The Saturday Night Live cast member just seems to get it. Case in point, Seth Meyers and Strong's Weekend Update slammed the Bruce and Kris Jenner divorce, and it was absolutely perfect. Everything Meyers and Strong joked about from Bruce's um, feminine traits, to their shared haircuts to the fact that absolutely no one is surprised that their 22 year marriage has finally come to an end, the insults were fast and furious and obviously, hilarious. But what was Kris Jenner's reaction to the SNL ribbing?

Exactly what you would expect.

A source told Vh1's Gossip Table that Kris Jenner absolutely loved the fact that her marriage and entire existence was parodied and ripped to shreds on national television. This so-called source claims, "Kris thought it was hilarious, she feels like if someone is talking about you, it’s a good thing!"

Of course she does.

But Bruce? Eh, not so much. The source went on to say that he "is furious with all of the negative attention and jokes constantly being made about him, he’s not a good sport about it. Bruce didn’t see it, he only heard about it.”

Kris is like a pig in shit during the divorce drama, likely basking in any and all attention that's drummed up from her pending divorce. You know she's just thrilled to have been linked to former Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Plus, she's been sharing photos of herself with Bruce and his sons Brody and Brandon Jenner, which only serve as thinly veiled attempts at gaining even more press during this ostensibly "private time."

But her fondness of the spotlight is nothing new. Kris loved it back in 2011 when SNL parodied her entire family in a short about Kim Kardashian's divorce. Kristen Wiig's uncanny impersonation of Kris ("four sisters!") was amazing, and Kris agreed. She called the scathing skit "spot on."

Bruce Jenner's alleged reaction to the Weekend Update slam is an excellent case for divorce, if ever there was one. If they can't see eye to eye on publicity, which is the family's bread and butter, there's no way they could have a happily ever after.