Kris Jenner's Photo With Jenner Boys Proves Everything's Just Fine, OK? OK???

I'm starting to think that the Kris and Bruce Jenner split might be the best thing that could have ever happened... for them, and for us. Kris has been on a rampage ever since Tuesday's announcement, insisting to anyone who will listen that they're happier when they're separated, and that it may be the end of a marriage, but it's not the end of their friendship. Now, Kris Jenner's Instagram pic with the Jenner boys takes all that one step further. "Nothing to see here!", the pic screams. It's just a bunch of happy, good looking people with incredibly straight, white teeth having a wonderful time despite the fact that they don't love each other "that way" anymore. She'll prove everything's a-okay using every outlet she has.

The Jenner separation is amazing because it is the opposite of a separation. Now that they're officially not together, they're together more than ever. Kris is trying so hard to show everyone that everything's fine that I'm sure over the next few weeks, we'll be inundated with evidence of just how perfect everything is. She wants you to know that she's still well-liked, okay? Her step-sons looooove her, and so does her soon to be former husband. Kris is still the best! Just like Kim!

Buckle up, because this pic is just the beginning of Kris's campaign. Next stop, dinner. Mark my words, soon enough, she'll be spotted leaving a restaurant with some of the Jenner boys because they still like her, all right? She's still awesome. She's still the best. She's still worthy of love and affection.

Best hearts, everyone. Best. Hearts.

Image: KrisJenner/Instagram