4 Questions We Want To Ask Emma Watson

by Chrissa Hardy

There were many reasons to celebrate this year's International Women's Day on March 8, but one of the most important was Emma Watson's live Q&A session for her #HeForShe campaign. The event took place on Facebook, and it was over an hour of Watson answering questions from the moderator, from fans on Twitter, and from people in the audience. None of the questions asked would've been easy for anyone to answer, as gender equality is a massive beast of a cause that has endless complicated layers. Nevertheless, she knocked it out of the park, because of course she did. She is Emma Watson, and she knows her sh**.

The questions ranged from the basic, "who are your female role models?" to the more complex, "what can we do in the real world to affect change at every level?" She answered each question to the best of her ability, and even with the tougher Q's, her A's were beyond stellar and on-point. The session only lasted an hour, so many questions we, the world, had were left unasked and thus, unanswered. So here are a few questions we wish had been asked during this incredibly informative Q&A session, because Emma Watson's answers would've been amazing.

1. If you were elected into office, what would be your first course of action towards achieving gender equality?

She was asked what we can do as citizens, and what employers can do within their companies, and she also shared some staggering stats on how few women hold leadership roles in politics and film. And even though Watson's film career is only just beginning, there's no doubt that her passion for affecting change could easily lead her into politics. She'd make a kick-ass Prime Minister, that's for sure. So it would be nice to hear what she would do, if she ever held a position of political power.

2. Who are some of your male role models who have exemplified the HeForShe mission?

This movement is about supporting all human beings, regardless of gender, to feel free to behave as real humans in expressing whatever emotions they feel. We heard about how her mother was inspirational to her, and how her younger male fans have written letters supporting #HeForShe, but what about the men in the media who inspire her? Who out there does she think exemplifies the movement? Who boldly expresses their emotions without fearing the pressure to be seen as "manly"?

3. When and what first made you realize that you were a feminist?

This is a question every one of us should answer out loud, because with so many misconceptions about the word and its meaning, the moment we realize how simple it is should be cherished. Wouldn't you love to know the moment this courageous fight began? I would.

4. Outside of your incredible speech in September, what has been your favorite feminist moment of the last year?

This year has been a great one for social change, and even though we still have a lot of work to do in achieving gender equality, there have been so many wonderful moments leading us one step closer. What was her favorite moment of the year? Whose story inspired her to keep working towards this goal? Because as much as she inspires us, we inspire her too.

Image: Getty Images; Giphy (2)