Is Stassi Still With Her BF After 'Pump' Drama?

Vanderpump Rules queen bee Stassi Schroeder sure has had her share of heartbreak over the course of the show’s three seasons. And thanks to the non-presence of her current beau, rumor has it that there Stassi and her boyfriend are broken up. And that's because Stassi's love life has always been front and center on Vanderpump. While in Season 3, Stassi's boyfriend is Sirius XM radio host Patrick Meagher, we first met Stassi when she was hot and heavy with resident SUR bad boy Jax Taylor, and the two seemed crazy in love — emphasis on the crazy. Jax and Stassi loved hard, sure, but then they fought hard, with plenty of screaming matches and drink-throwing to go around. Yikes. Stassi was always distrustful of Jax, and, well, rightly so: Besides flirting with everything that walked near the SUR bar, he ended up sleeping with her then-best friend Kristen Doute… twice. And don’t forget Frank, the boyfriend that I always suspected she had just to make Jax extra jealous that they were no longer together. Stassi also dated Peter, but those were dark days. All in all, home girl hasn’t had that much luck in love, until now. After Season 2, Stassi jumped ship for the East Coast (New York City, to be exact) to be with Patrick, but the pair returned to Los Angeles soon after, giving viewers like us a glimpse at Stassi’s new life… sort of.

The truth is, we don’t know that much about Patrick and Stassi’s relationship because they’re not featuring it on the show, and who could blame Stassi for that? If America saw some of your relationships crash and burn on national television, would you want to subject yourself and your love to that again? I don’t thiiiink so. This protection of her relationship is a double-edged sword for Stassi: I, being in the camp that I just want Stassi to be happy and think Jax is a capital-L-loser who is too old to be doing what he’s doing, have sought to crush these rumors, once and for all. How, you ask? Via the pair’s social media accounts. After all, if you don’t put your life events on social media, it means they never, ever happened.

On Patrick’s birthday, March 2, Stassi tweeted out a loving message for her main squeeze. I feel you, girl, because I also stalked my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend. It’s the way to go.

Here they are, looking good in a #tbt post. I always knew that Stassi cleaned up nice, but it's good to know that her man matches her sartorial aptitude (or maybe she dressed him. Whatever).

Stassi posted a cute family portrait around Christmas time — obviously, the fur babies are included, too.

This real-life shot shows what happens when Stassi's not filming Vanderpump Rules. They put on sneakers and take the dogs for a walk, just like you and me!

The couple that aggressively snacks together, stays together. It's like one of the main rules of relationships. I also appreciate that they both have their headphones plugged in and don't feel the need to talk. Comfortable silence is true intimacy, folks.

There you have it, folks. Stassi and Patrick are most certainly still together. Former BFF Katie Maloney said that she didn't think Stassi would be coming back to Vanderpump if there is a Season 4, so maybe we'll get a Bethenny Ever After-esque spin off of Patrick and Stassi? I can dream.