'Pretty Little Liars' Varjack Theories Abound But Here Are 6 Reasons Sara Harvey Might Be Big A's Helper

Anyone else losing sleep and going down rabbit holes when it comes to figuring out Big "A" and Varjack on Pretty Little Liars ? On Tuesday, March 24, we will finally learn the identity of Big "A" and let's hope we also discover who Varjack is as well. There has yet to be any confirmation as to whether Varjack is Big "A," but I have a feeling he/she is working for the black hooded mastermind, aka his or her second in command. Like the Liars have been saying: find Varjack, find Big "A." Until then, all we can do is speculate and throw around theories, so here's another one to add to the very long list. I think the presumed missing Sara Harvey might be Varjack.

If that name isn't ringing a bell, here's a brief refresher. During the Season 4 episode "Who's In The Box?" we learned Ali was indeed still alive and the girls tried to figure out who's body was identified as Ali. After some research, Hanna found Sara Harvey, a young girl who matched Ali's physical description and also went missing around the same time as Ali. As we all know, Bethany Young's remains were in the coffin, which means Sara's whereabouts remain unknown.

So, where is Sara? Is she dead? Is she alive? We don't know — yet. According to a tweet posted on Jan. 6, 2015 by creator I. Marlene King, we will find out what happened to Sara. Hmm... does she have something to do with Varjack and Big "A"? Now, why do I think Sara might be Varjack? Well, here are few reasons.

Because Hanna Is Big "A"

That's right, I think my beloved and most favorite Liar Hanna is Big "A." I could get into all of my theories as to why, but I'm here to focus on Varjack. We'll save "A" for another day and article. So, if Hanna is indeed the one torturing the town of Rosewood, there's a good chance that Sara might be Varjack.

First, Hanna is the one who found Sara's story online, so maybe she reached out to her. Second, one of Sara's friends believe she is alive and living with amnesia. Maybe Hanna convinced her she was someone else and told her a false story to get her to take on the identity of Varjack and help her torture her friends. Lastly, maybe Hanna is blackmailing Sara for some unknown reason into helping her do her dirty work. Whatever the case, if Sara turns out to be Varjack, well, it will make one great PLL plot line.

Varjack's Phone Number Spells Out Sara's Name

Coincidence? I think not. Varjack's phone number on the pizza receipt reads as follows: 727-242-7839. If you match each number on the keypad to the letters above the given number, it spells out "Sara Harvey." Obviously, Sara is Varjack, right?

She Was A Schemer Like Ali

When Emily and Hanna met with Sara's friends, they told them Sara was also the "Queen Bee" like Ali. She also seemed to possess a lot of Ali's qualities, including being a schemer and destroying peoples' lives. There's a possibility that "A" reached out to Sara, because he/she knew Sara would make a great partner. Also, maybe Sara reached out to "A" so she could continue her tortuous ways.

Oh, yeah, there's a good chance that "A" recruited Sara, because he/she wanted to make her life a living hell, just like he/she is doing with Ali. Finally, maybe Sara wants to be a part of the fun, games, lies, and murder "A" brings to Rosewood? It'd be a great way for Sara to make a name for herself, again, and make headlines, just like Ali.

It'd Make For Great TV & Shock Everyone

How fantastic would it be if Sara turned out to be Varjack? I think a lot of people would be shocked. Plus, we have yet to see Sara in the flesh, so, yeah, that'd make for a gasp-worthy moment, which PLL is all about.

It's PLL & Anything Can Happen

Anything can happen on PLL, right? Some might think Sara being Varjack would be a stretch, but, hey it wouldn't be the first time the show told a crazy storyline, aka just look at the entire series.

Who Ever Stays Dead In Rosewood?

Do we ever believe anyone stays dead on PLL? The answer is no. Let's all take a good look at Ali. What does all of this mean? Sara Harvey is probably alive and wreaking havoc on Rosewood, because, why not?

Let's face it: I don't trust anyone, not even the Liars. Right now, everyone is either Varjack or Big "A," until I find out their true identities.

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