Are Sara & 'Eye Candy's Killer Working Together?

by Keertana Sastry

Alright Eye Candy fans, let's get down to business. We have two major mysteries to be solved on the series. 1) Who is the Flirtual killer? 2) Who kidnapped Sara and is she still alive? Let's take a look at what we already know about Lindy's dear abducted sister and her case. We know she was kidnapped about three years ago in front of Lindy, as she was forced into a car at a drive-thru somewhere. Lindy then moved to New York City to find her sister and help people with their own missing persons cases, which usually involves hacking. We know that Tommy and the Cyber Crimes Unit have been looking for Sara on the side, and we recently found out the head of the unit knows about a case involving kidnapped teenage girls that could be related to Sara's abduction, but we don't know more than that. We also know that at some point, Sara was featured on the site Babylon. But could there be much, much more to her story than the kidnapping? What if Sara is working with the Flirtual Killer?

I know, I know. That's quite a leap, right? But just let me present my case! We still believe that Sara is alive thanks to a psychic who said so, as well as the sheer fact that if she isn't, this show would be way more depressing than we could have imagined at the start. So let's think about this for a second.

Lindy has already made comments about how the Flirtual Killer seems to know too much about her relationship with her sister. In fact, they know some things she's never told anyone. We've already investigated if the killer could be Lindy's father, but she said he was in jail and hopefully, it's not her father considering what the killer's inner psyche narrates to us when stalking and killing people.

So how else would the killer know about Sara's bracelet and where else would he get it? Sure, we could just say that he kidnapped Sara and stole it from her, or that he killed her and took it from her. But this killer seems so calculating, I don't think he'd murder Sara without trying to use her to his advantage first.

Here's what I think could have happened. Sara was kidnapped and kept prisoner for a while, and she appeared on Babylon during that time. But then Sara started helping the killer track down Lindy, out of fear of what he might to do her if she didn't comply and the hope that it would help Lindy find her. This would explain how the killer continues to gain more and more information about Lindy's past.

Hopefully, Lindy will find her sister and Sara can eventually help Lindy catch the killer. But I really hope that I'm actually wrong and Sara isn't helping the Flirtual killer, but has broken free of her kidnappers and is trying to make her way back to Lindy. What? A girl can dream, right?

Images: MTV; daniella-s, lindysampsongifs/Tumblr