Here Are The 20 Hottest Guys on Tinder

by Sara Levine

Ah, Tinder. Just when I think I'm ready to delete you, you give me a reason to come back — like, for instance, this list of the 20 hottest Tinder guys from around the world. Yep, I would definitely keep my Tinder in the hopes that I'd get the chance to swipe one of these dudes. I can only hope that they'd swipe me right, too.

These 20 gorgeous guys were hand-picked by the valiant ladies over at Elle, thanks to Tinder's new "Passport" feature. Now I know what you may be thinking and no, Tinder is not paying for you to jet across the globe to meet up with an international hottie (sad). But the new feature does let you mess with your phone's GPS coordinates so that you can swipe through anyone around the globe. So if you've already run through all the matches in your area (no judgment here), don't despair! Although, I feel like it would be just plain painful to match with a potential male model over in England and not be able to hook up with him. But on the other hand I would screen shot the heck out of that match and save it for posterity and probably tell my kids about the time a British model thought I was attractive. Don't act like you wouldn't do the same thing!

But enough about me. Let's take a look at a few of these guys that I've hyped up so much (you can check out the rest over at Elle, and it's worth it). Just try not to drool all over your keyboard.

1. Leon, UK

And he's British, you guys!!! I know I sound a little obsessive but just TRY and tell me you don't love those accents. TRY. Either his Twitter or IG (or both, I guess) is leon_barker, so let's follow the sh*t out of him!!

2. Phil, Zurich

According to his bio, he can speak English, Greek, Dutch, and "un peu francais." Swoon.

3. Alasdair, London

I can't handle how cute this guy is. That smile doe. Brb, I'm dead.

4. Richard, London


5. Imad, Dubai

Hot AND owns a boat? Ok, that settles it, I'm moving to Dubai. See y'all later.

For the other 15 ridiculously good-looking guys, head over to Elle.

Images: Cosmo