Who Might Lindy End Up With On 'Eye Candy'?

We're all anxious to find out who the Flirtual Killer is on Eye Candy, the MTV series about cyber stalkers. Still, there are other, more upbeat questions fans have for the new series. For example, who does Lindy end up with in the Eye Candy book? In R.L. Stine's novel, Lindy isn't quite the investigative hero that Victoria Justice plays on the MTV series. She's apologetic and doesn't go after the killer herself the same way. Instead, book Lindy continues to date all the men she has met online in order to keep them front and center rather than in her periphery.

She works in children's publishing and complains that there are no men at work, which is funny, coming from Stine. After going on three Internet dates with three vastly different guys, Lindy starts getting strange phone calls and the feeling that she is being followed. She then gets a threatening voicemail — but who is it from?

Here are all the men that Lindy dates in the book, with as few spoilers as possible.

  • Ben: Lindy's boyfriend who was killed in a car chase in the book. In the series, Ben is killed by Lindy's stalker in the pilot episode.
  • Jack Smith:Lindy's first date in the book chronologically. They see a musical on Broadway and go to dinner afterwards. He works in marketing and watches cartoons. Lindy is uninterested, and mildly rejects him as he heads back to Jersey. The fact that he's slightly older than Lindy is meant to mirror the killer's date with his first victim. Lindy catches him following her around the city.
  • Colin O'Connor: Lindy's next Internet date in the book is well-dressed and a banker. He's a movie lover and she goes home with him. They begin dating and as the killer nears Lindy, both coincidence and the cops cause Lindy to suspect that he may be have been the guilty one all along.
  • Shelly Olson: In the book, he is pre-occupied with a woman's laugh, which makes him a killer suspect right off the bat. He tricks Lindy into sitting with him when she's meant to meet Colin, and gives her his number as she departs. Later, he finds her number online and calls her. Curiouser and curiouser. They begin dating as well.
  • Brad Fisher: Lindy's first Internet date, whom we hear about first via flashback. Brad is a journalist with a sardonic sense of humor. He's a big drinker and a bad kisser. His obnoxious, sexist behavior makes Lindy suspicious of him as time goes on. That's our clue that he could be the killer.
  • Lou: The boyfriend of Ann-Marie, who is similar to Sophia in the book, though the two aren't exactly alike. It's clear that Lou finds Lindy attractive, but at the start of the book Lindy is mostly jealous of his relationship with her friend. Later, Lou assaults her multiple times. He may not be the killer, but he's definitely a bad guy.
  • Tommy: In both the TV series and the book, Tommy is Ben's partner and knows Lindy before the story begins. In the book, she consults him about the threats and the two of them eventually get dinner.

Who does Lindy end up with? My apologies to Team Tindy, but it's not Tommy. Spoiler alert: it's Colin O'Connor. This is a satisfying end to a thrilling book. The only question is — who is Colin in the MTV series? Is his name connected to Connor, Sophia's friend? Or is he supposed to be Jake, the only internet date Lindy has hit it off with? There is a Jake in the book, but he's married and barely a part of the story.

The series is already so different from the book that it's hard to tell what'll happen next. When it comes to Lindy's TV love life, unless a cinemaphile who works in banking shows up, your guess is as good as mine!

Image: MTV