Tommy Betrayed Lindy On 'Eye Candy' & The Police Might Be Hiding Information On Sarah's Whereabouts

Tindy fans, I'm so sorry. We hit the roughest of rough patches on Monday night with Eye Candy's episode "AMA," (a cleverly named title considering the episode) when Lindy found out that the police department and Tommy specifically had been lied, used and betrayed her from the first moment they interacted. While we knew there was level of betrayal from the first episode with Lindy's tension towards her fallen lover Ben as well as Tommy, we and even Lindy did not understand the extent of the deception that the police department used with Lindy until the stupid Flirtual Killer helped Lindy figure it out. And damn, if we thought progress had been made between Tindy, it's all gone out the window now. Because not only did Tommy and Catherine (and even Ben to an extent) lie about why Lindy was arrested, they also have information that could be helpful in finding out what happened to Sarah. And that has got to be the last straw for Lindy.

Here's how it all went down. While working a new case with the NYPD Cyber Crimes division involving the webpage Babylon that they all discovered in the previous episode, Lindy came across a picture of Sarah on the creepy site in what looked to be a photo of her selling herself (or someone selling her) as a prostitute. Obviously Lindy looked into the details of the photo, with the help of George, but what Lindy didn't realize was the depth of the dark rabbit hole into which she would fall.

George discovered, via some expert hacking naturally, that Sarah's photo had hidden data behind it: Lindy's case file from when she was arrested by the NYPD Cyber Crimes Unit. But the file was mostly redacted and the only way she would get more access was if she broke into Catherine's, aka the Chief, office computer. Of course, Lindy and George found a way onto the computer and gained access to all kinds of records, recordings, and more about Lindy's case. Things that would ruin Tindy, at least for the forseeable future.

It turns out that Tommy was the one who originally discovered Lindy and her hacktivism, and he was hoping to use her as bait to draw out the cyber terrorist Bubonic and catch him with her help, though without her knowing anything about it. But before he could make contact, Ben cop-blocked her (see what I did there?) and got close to her first. At first the episode seemed to hint that Tommy and Lindy could have fallen in love first if it wasn't for Ben's meddling. But then things went horribly wrong.

During an argument between Ben and Tommy, Lindy discovered that the last person who Tommy tried to use to take down Bubonic was killed because Tommy apparently didn't know when to back down from the case. Ben decided to step in because he didn't trust Tommy and maintained that he could remain more neutral than anyone else on the force. So much for that theory Ben as he ended up arresting Lindy before she could fulfill a task for Bubonic which she was only agreeing to do because he supposedly had a way to get information on Sarah's case. But it turns out that was a lie too because the employers Bubonic was working for was actually Catherine who was trying to bait the cyber terrorist.

And on top of all of that, Catherine told Tommy that she did actually have some information about what happened to Sarah. According to Tommy during a horrible confrontation with Lindy, Catherine knew about a case with a man who abducted girls and believed Sarah was a part of it. But she refuses to say anything more to him. Then Lindy said what we were all dreading: "You and me? Whatever this is, we're done."

Here's why the betrayal really stings, it was all planned out and revealed to Lindy thanks to the Flirtual Killer. For that psycho to be the reason that Tommy and Lindy are falling apart is tough to swallow. It's especially difficult because of how much Tommy now obviously cares for Lindy and would never want to see her hurt, emotionally or physically. What I don't understand is why Tommy wouldn't reveal to Lindy that he's still searching for Sarah as well, which I believe he is considering he asked that psychic if Sarah was still alive.

And on top of that, while Tommy's betrayal is real and must hurt deeply, shouldn't Lindy be more upset with Catherine for allowing all of this to happen and coming up with the plan to put her in harm's way with Babylon? Because at this point, Tommy has done quite a bit to ensure that Lindy hasn't died yet. It's really thanks to him that she's cheated certain death many times (of course, she's saved him too). All I know is that all of this is definitely allowing her to be drawn back into Jake's arms, which the Flirtual Killer can't be too happy about either. I just want to know what his plan is with all this: Did he reveal all of this information so that Lindy would care for him more? He's definitely crazy if he believes that's possible. Then again, he's definitely crazy to begin with so who knows what's going to happen next?

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