Totally Accurate 'Vanderpump' Season 4 Predictions

With the reunion of Vanderpump Rules amongst us, it isn't out of the realm of absurdity to start thinking about Vanderpump Rules Season 4. Although the fourth season of the reality show hasn't been confirmed yet, from the level of drama that surrounded the current season, it seems very possible that a Season 4 will happen in the fall. The potential of Season 4 also rests on who will return to the show. Judging by the current staff at SUR, they all seem to be A-OK with their lives being filmed, with the exception of a few who seem so over it — ahem, Stassi — so the cast is probably in for another go around. Lisa Vanderpump is probably experiencing great revenue from her now-famous restaurants thanks to the show's display of the utmost professional atmosphere at both establishments, so I can't imagine she who has been on five seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going to say "no" to a fourth season of Vanderpump Rules. So what can we expect if the show gets another season?

Well, this season was all about love. Or lack there of. So Season 4 will have to continue the trend, I think. Season 3 involved a lot of alleged cheating, a lot of strained relationships, and a little bit of celebration in the name of love with Scheana and Shay's wedding. After this season, I can't imagine the cast has that much more drama left in their arsenal, but I'm sure they'll pull it out of somewhere.

Here's what it will almost definitely look like:

Someone Gets Engaged

Tom Schwartz was given a timeline (what was it, like six months from the SUR party?) to propose to Katie, which never feels like a solid foundation to begin a marriage with. If the engagement is between these two, then mazel, because they've been together for a long time, but I just hope it doesn't screw up their relationship if it is forced.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana could also be engaged by the time Season 4 rolls around. Lisa called it at Scheana's wedding, these two need to get married. We're all rooting for you two, you know, with the exception of Kristen who might still think she has a chance at winning Sandoval's heart.

Someone Cheats

Hopefully it isn't one of the above couples, but it could very well happen. We've come to the point on Vanderpump Rules where it isn't considered a season unless there is a cheating scandal. Every. Damn. Time.

Stassi Doesn't Return

I think we can finally release Stassi from Vanderpump Rules. She doesn't want to be there anymore than we (I) want her there. She only shows up to get a drink or a sandwich with someone to hear what's the 411. Unless Stassi starts working at SUR again, where she'll be in the trenches with the best of them, I don't really see her having much connection or relationship with anyone on the show anymore (now that Katie is out of her life).

Kristen & James Break Up

Why? Because James doesn't need to be in a relationship where Tom Sandoval is brought up every two seconds. I don't think James really realized what a mess he was getting himself into when he started dating Kristen. He seemed so fed up with hearing about Sandoval all the time that he's probably had enough of it by the time we get to Season 4. PLOT TWIST: Tom Sandoval and James become friends.

Scheana Works On Her Music

I feel like we kind of got robbed of this in Season 3. We got a glimpse of Scheana's beats, but isn't part of this show to watch semi-talented people try and make it big? Now that the wedding is over, Scheana will get to focus on hitting the studio with James and dropping a follow up track to "Shake That."

Tom Schwartz Gets Rehired At PUMP

I feel like Season 3 was a test to see how Tom Schwartz would do as a series regular (hopefully he passed), so I wouldn't be surprised if Tom got rehired at PUMP again after he leaving mid-shift on his first day. Lisa has always given people a second chance (she gave Kristen like a million), so maybe she'll throw him a bone.

Jax Is Shady

Also seen Seasons 1 through Infinity.

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