'Eye Candy's Death Count Is Different In The Book

As Game of Thrones fans know, it is sometimes hard to speculate about what will happen on a television series when it is based on a previously published book. However, unlike the folks in Westeros, MTV's Eye Candy has different deaths on TV than in the book. Very different, in fact. If you're looking to grab the R.L. Stine novel for clues about what's going to happen next, I have extremely bad news.

Are you ready for this shocking spoiler? You may want to sit down for this one. Alright, here it is: in the novel Eye Candy that the MTV series starring Victoria Justice is based on — nobody actually dies. Not one person! All of Lindy's friends, co-workers, and dates turn out just fine, living-wise. The only death that has even happened in the past life of the characters is Ben, Lindy's former cop boyfriend, though he died in a car chase in the book, rather than being murdered by Lindy's stalker like on the TV series.

There are two assailants in the book. You are made to believe that there is at least one killer in Lindy's life, if not more. Towards the end, both of them do try to kill Lindy. They just don't get away with it. That was never "the plan" to begin with. This is the sort of thing that works better on the page than on the screen. In a book, your imagination fills in the gaps and you are able to draw conclusions because you can't see faces or tell what's real and what's fake. This is more complicated in the visual world of television. Plus, the book was published in 2004 and cyber stalking her gotten so much more serious and scary in the past 11 years. I understand why the showrunners wanted to make this a more realistic story.

One of the book's attackers is a man that Lindy has been dating and another is one of her female friends. However, all of the threats and murders have been constructed in some way. The male "killer" has just been fantasizing about killing women that he has been going out with and writing down the gruesome, yet imaginary, details. His girlfriend is jealous of Lindy and the way her boyfriend lusts after her, so she stages a series of threats and attacks to freak Lindy out and sabotage her happiness.

So this clearly isn't anything like the television series already, where there have been several real disappearances and deaths. Not only of women, but men that Lindy has dated as well. Even the imaginary killings in the book didn't include any of the other men in Lindy's life, but exclusively women who the "killer" dated. It's a shame that the source material can't give us any more hints, but doesn't that make it all the more exciting to watch Eye Candy every week?

Image: MTV