7 Graphs Only 'Bach' Fans Understand

Folks, we're almost there. Somehow, against all odds we've made it to the end of this twisty Bachelor journey with Chris Soules. I'd like to personally thank Jimmy Kimmel for providing his weekly explainers and dedicate these graphs to him, because he clearly knows what I'm talking about: Being a Bachelor fan takes a lot out of a person. Now that Chris is about take his soon-to-be bride back to Iowa, where an abandoned bar with a Mr. Coffee machine and six old dudes passes as a Starbucks, let us reflect on this insane, weird, and wonderful season. It was quite a doozy.

I'm pretty sure none of us will ever forget straining our eyes to check out Britt's perfect mane, wondering that if we could just forgo showers long enough, we could feel like a girl in a Pantene commercial too. Then there's the bruise you surely all have from each time Chris either kissed one women in front of the others or did something hurtful and then left the women to sort it out amongst themselves. You've probably got a permanent wrinkle on your forehead from trying to follow Kelsey's logic about what she meant by "my story is amazing" and by her insistence that she was too smart to be popular with the other women. Essentially, you need this.

The Bachelor is a wonderful, wonderful thing. But it's also the sort of show that almost requires wine to get through it. Let's all unwind, folks as the final rose approaches. We've earned this.

Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle (7)