Jax Says There's "A Reason" Behind His New Tattoo

by Kristie Rohwedder

Do you smell that in the air? The faint scent of SUR's iconic crispy chicken dish wafting in the breeze? That can only mean one thing: It's Vander-reunion season. Monday night, Bravo will air part one of the Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion. The SURvers of Vanderpump Rules past, present, and future, Lisa Vanderpump, and Andy Cohen will ruminate on everything that happened in Season 3. Well, not everything (unfortunately, this is a standard two-part reunion special, not a 75-part miniseries) (and yes, I would watch a 75-part Vanderpump reunion miniseries, no question), but I think it's safe to presume a majority of the season's major storylines will be addressed. One of the subjects I have an inkling (pun intended, sorry not sorry) made the final cut: Jax Taylor's tattoo game. In a behind-the-reunion-scenes clip, Jax shows off some fresh ink. The tattoo appears to be of a woman who has painted half of her face like a calavera, is toting a medieval shield, and is surrounded by some roses? I think? ANYWAY, Jax asks the camera if the face looks familiar, and then says that there is "a reason" behind the tat. And then he says he cannot share said reason just yet. AUGHHHHHH don't leave me hanging like that, Jaxy!

I am not a patient person, so I hopped on Google. And whaddya know! I found some relevant information: On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live , Jax said he has a tattoo of on-again, off-again girlfriend Carmen Dickman on his arm, and then added that we viewers will have to watch the reunion to find out more. Wait, we'll find out more about his relationship with Carmen, about a tattoo, or about both? Was he casually referencing the old tattoo of Carmen's name or was he dropping hints about a brand new tattoo?


Holy cannoli. I think that is a new Carmen tattoo. I think that might be a tattoo of Carmen's face. I think Jax has upped the on-again, off-again girlfriend tattoo ante to a degree I was not prepared for. As fired up as I am to watch estranged exes Jax and Stassi Schroeder interact at the reunion, I think I might be more excited to hear all of the details about this new piece of body art. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Image: Bravo