Watching Jewel’s “Intuition” Music Video Is Like Hopping In A Time Machine & Traveling Back To ’03

In the year 2003, singer/songwriter/poet Jewel released "Intuition", the first single off of 0304, her fourth studio album. "Intuition" is a dance-pop jam which, as anyone who is familiar with the Top 40 music of the late '90s/early '00s knows, happened to be a major departure from her usual yodel-folk sound. Reflecting this stylistic shift, the music video for pop song “Intuition” is very much A Pop Music Video: There is plenty of choreography, a number of costume changes, pyrotechnics, and a handful of specific pop culture references. Toto, I don’t think we’re belting “Who Will Save Your Soul” while hanging out in a public restroom anymore.

Oh, but it isn't just A Pop Music Video. It's a Very '00s Pop Music Video. What does that mean, exactly? Well, every time I watch it, I feel like I've traveled back to the first decade of the New Millennium: Before we begin our journey, turn off your Nokia 3310 cellular phone (yes, the time machine wait until you finish this game of Snake), buckle your seatbelt, put your tray table up, zip up the jacket of your velour Juicy tracksuit, and get comfy. Today's in-flight movie is 2003 classic From Justin to Kelly. Once the movie has ended, we will have arrived at our destination.

Here are all of the very 2000s-y things that happen in the music video for "Intuition":

This timestamp

What's more '03 than an '03 timestamp?

This belly chain/suspenders situation

So very Icing by Clarie's-chic.

These bootcut jeans

A staple of every gal's wardrobe in the early aughts.

This flat-ironed hairdo

Is that a zig-zag part I see, or doth mine eyes deceive me?

These jeans with embroidered back pockets

I know, I know, embroidered back pockets still exist (shoutout to the Levi's I'm wearing as I type this), but stitched denim was all the rage in the early '00s.

This spoof of Total Request Live

I mean.

This trucker hat

Are we about to get Punk'd?

These yellow plaid pants

What a Hot Topic dream.

These fashionable visors

Ah, remember the days when golfers, tennis players, and card dealers weren't the only people wearing cool visors? Ugh, I miss those days.

Welp, it's settled. I want to try to bring back the visor. Just following my heart, my intuition.

Jewel Kilcher on YouTube

Images: Atlantic Records/YouTube (9)