Did Harry Hamlin Really Cheat On Lisa Rinna? The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Vehemently Denies Kim Richards' Accusations

This season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the newbies are getting a trial by fire into the cast, especially Lisa Rinna, who was subjected to some pretty serious marital blues. But did Harry Hamlin cheat on his wife, or was the Mad Men SC&P boss falsely accused by Kim Richards at an Amsterdam dinner party? Right now, it sounds like a resounding "no" from the Hamlin-Rinna family. According to both Harry and Lisa, this whole thing is ridiculous and there's nothing that they're hiding. Harry even commented about the accusations to US Weekly , saying that he's proud of his wife for speaking up and not being a doormat. "She and I would equally defend each other’s honor." Now I wish we had gotten to see the eternally laid-back Hamlin get in on the wineglass throwing.

There's no evidence, nor a reason why Kim would be the one to know about it if it was happening. Harry has sworn up and down that Lola is just a friend, and that if you accuse their marriage of being in jeopardy that Lisa will go off — her explosive reaction is just her mama bear protectiveness. Lisa is very effusive about her love, online, at least. I guess that could just be overcompensating for a crumbling marriage... but Harry also chimed in on Twitter to voice his innocence and give his support, and he usually stays pretty quiet online.

And when the moment aired They actually started two hashtag campaigns over it. First, while the episode was airing, they started "#WhatDidHarryDo?" encouraging fans to send in suggestions of what Harry must have done to deserve these accusations. And Lisa Rinna fans turned out to be pretty funny, as Rinna's timeline showed.

Then, fans responded with a second hashtag — #HarryDidIt — blaming Hamlin for every minor and major grievance they came across. All in, it looks like the Hamlin-Rinna family is taking this in stride, responding with humor instead of outrage. Well, I guess Lisa did get pretty outraged in Amsterdam.

But, then again, maybe Kim was right. After all, in Harry's most recent Tweets he does confess this:

I guess that settles it! Harry Hamlin is guilty of... something bad, and all it took was a random, baseless accusation from Kim Richards to expose it!

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy