Will Harry Hamlin Attend The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion? He's Certainly Got Good Reason To Do So

Lisa Rinna's debut season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been one hell of an introduction. Already, her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, was drawn into the dramz when Kim Richards accused Hamlin of cheating, despite having no evidence and despite the fact that Hamlin wasn't there to defend himself. That might change if Harry Hamlin is on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, where Kim will have to either look him directly in the eye and confirm what she said or back down completely — and as we say, the Hamlin/Rinna family can get pretty aggressive about sticking up for one another. When Lisa heard Kim's gossip, across the dinner table from her on their cast trip to Amsterdam (or, as the episode title said, "Amster-DAMN!"), she flipped out and broke a wine glass on the table. Who knows how crazy things will get if her husband shoes up to defend himself.

Kim characterized Lisa's freakout as a significant overreaction and maybe a suggestion of guilt. But Harry and Lisa insist that Lisa was just sticking up for her husband's honor, and they're waiting for an apology from Kim. While Hamlin's participation is totally uncertain, Kim & Lisa will have a RHOBH reunion confrontation, that's for sure. And TMZ even alleges that they have insider info that Kim will admit that she made up the whole story because she wanted attention — and perhaps wanted some attention that wasn't focused on her lapse in sobriety, even though all the 'wives seems to say that Kim is doing better now. But she was willing to do anything to get the attention off of her and onto a new, juicier subject, and Lisa played right into it by freaking out.

But there's no reason why Hamlin shouldn't be invited to the reunion. The husbands always come out for a token appearance in the second or third installment, usually after one or two of the big fights. These reunion episodes may be getting a little bit out of control lengthwise. I'm not sure we need three hours of RHOBH, especially when the taping was so long that Yolanda Foster had to leave halfway through because her Lyme Disease was making her too fatigued to stay.

The only thing that might have kept Hamlin away would have to be a conflicting shooting schedule (and the part where he originally refused to appear on the show, but considering the fact that Hamlin is speaking out, that might not be the case anymore). Besides, Hamlin's part on Mad Men wrapped a year ago and the same goes for his arc on Glee. His schedule is pretty open from the looks of things, so there shouldn't be anything keeping Hamlin away from confronting Kim. But let's hope there isn't any wine on the table.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy