Jax Sticks To His San Diego Story On The Reunion

I've got to give it to Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor for not caving during the Vanderpump Rules reunion regarding what happened in San Diego. As a refresher, Jax was dating Tiffany at the time (the Vegas girl), and Tiffany hooked up Jax, Tom Sandoval, Schwartz, and friends with a sick hotel situation in San Diego for a boys weekend. While there, Jax allegedly hooked up with a girl in the bathroom of the hotel room. Reminder: Jax is dating a girl who got him said hotel room. Jax denied the rumors during Season 3, and during the reunion, he didn't change his story. And for that, I applaud him.

Now, that doesn't mean I believe him. In fact, every person at the reunion voted during an Andy Cohen Show Of Hands in favor of Jax hooking up with San Diego Bathroom Girl. So we'll let that percolate.

When Andy asked about Jax's alleged fling, Jax made it seem like he was about to admit to it. I thought, "This is it. Jax is going to tell the truth. For once in his life. Hold on tight." And then, Jax said that NOTHING HAPPENED. OK. Why are you playing that game, Jax? I'm getting whiplash.

Sandoval kept to his story that Jax and San Diego Bathroom Girl went to the namesake bathroom and had sex. He isn't changing his story. Sandoval says that they both came out sweating, but Jax said it was because he was nervous about how the situation looked. According to Jax, he was holding SDBG's hair back while she was throwing up. It's a stressful situation, you'd be sweating too, right? RIGHT?

James jumped in and said that he thought what Jax did was a very gentlemanly move. Pump the brakes, James. You're only saying that because: 1) You want to go against whatever Tom Sandoval says, or 2) Because you haven't had enough screen time thus far in the reunion.

Sandoval left it with saying that the reason he called Jax out for it is because he wanted Jax to know how it feels (since Jax has done the same to him). Tom Schwartz nodded in agreement, and Jax says "he gets it." This is why these guys are still friends, because they literally don't care if someone screws them over. Oh, to be a Vanderpump Rules male cast member, where the living is easy.

Images: Nicole Wilder/Bravo