What Did Petra Give Aaron On 'Jane The Virgin'? That Flash Drive Must Have Something Pretty Important On It

Nothing can be easy on Jane the Virgin and as suspected, Aaron Zazo is not the kind, peace-loving man that he has been posing as. The final moments of "Chapter 15" on March 9 revealed that Aaron was hiding something in a family heirloom, so what is on the hidden flash drive in Jane the Virgin ? Aaron met with Petra and showed that gentle side of his by saving the life of a spider (he's practices Jainism, which is a violence-free religion) and convinced her to meet him for dinner to get closure on Roman's death (who was Aaron's identical twin brother and Petra's lover). While at dinner, he mentioned that Zaz (Roman's nickname) had wanted to marry her and asked her if she knew where their mother's necklace was.

Petra said that Zaz had given her the necklace before he died and seemed glad to give it to Aaron. (And she told Aaron that she loved Rafael more than Zaz, which may come back to bite her if Aaron is actually Roman as I have theorized.) After she gave Aaron the necklace, she left him — and he instantly shattered this precious memento of his mother's (it probably never even belonged to Mama Zazo!) and took out a USB flash drive from it. Ohhh, Petra, the Zazo brothers, and necklaces. If you'll remember, she almost got herself in serious trouble when her necklace was in Zaz's room after he died (which proved that Petra was lying about her relationship with Zaz). And it seems that history is repeating itself as another necklace is about to cause some trouble.

Although we still don't know if Aaron is actually Roman, he is definitely not who he says he is. And I have an inkling that the flash drive will have something to do with Sin Rostro and the drug trade. Whether that's to bring Sin Rostro/Rose down or to help her is still up in the air, but we'll see if Aaron keeps with his Jainism once the truth is revealed.

Image: Danny Feld/The CW