Aaron May Have A Major Secret On 'Jane The Virgin'

Ever since I watched The Parent Trap (the original Hayley Mills one, because I was a classy kid) and Sister, Sister as a child, I wanted to have an identical twin to switch identities with — and now Jane the Virgin may be embracing that familiar (and familial) plotline. With the deceased Roman Zazo's twin brother Aaron showing up on The CW show, could Aaron actually be Roman on Jane the Virgin? Something shady has to be going down with Aaron and although it would normally sound outrageous to say that a person is lying about his identity, it's pretty much a common occurrence on Jane the Virgin.

Aaron can't be as good as he appears (he was formerly working at an orphanage and he practices Jainism?! C'mon!) and the show kind of blew by the fact that he had been kidnapped by a drug cartel recently. Considering Roman was working in the drug trade for Sin Rostro (who is actually Rose), doesn't it all seem a little too convenient that Aaron was taken by drug dealers? I'm thinking that maybe Aaron really was kidnapped, but then switched with Roman before he died. So the man who plummeted to his death onto the marlin (not Merlin) ice sculpture was actually Aaron.

If Zaz (Roman's nickname) knew that someone was out to kill him and he's the type of guy who would betray his best friend by sleeping with his wife, would he be capable of switching identities with his twin? Perhaps he swapped so that his brother Aaron would be the one to die — and he could keep up with his drug dealings under the guise that he's actually dead.

Another theory is that Zaz and Rafael could be pairing up to take down Sin Rostro — so maybe whichever Zazo brother is alive isn't actually evil, but just trying to throw off Rose. "Chapter 15," which airs on March 9, looks like we are going to see some more "Aaron" and Petra action — and that better give us insight into what Aaron/Roman is doing at the Marbella. Before Zaz was impaled, he was coaching Petra on how to keep convincing Rafael that she still loved him — all while having an affair with her. Zaz wanted Petra to stay married to his college roommate for another year so that she could cash out her prenup and they could runaway together.

Just before he (or Aaron) was impaled, Petra tried to end the affair and Zaz got so angry that he became physically aggressive with her. However, that seemed to please Petra, though later in the episode she tried to win back Rafael.

It's hard to know what Petra and Zaz's real intentions were back in "Chapter 2" when the ice sculpture death happened — maybe Zaz only wanted Petra for the money or to stay involved with the Solano family (like his connection Sin Rostro). But up until Zaz died, he wanted Petra. So if his brother Aaron did take the literal fall for him, maybe Zaz was holding him hostage and just used him so that he wouldn't be killed. Then Zaz could have escaped the hotel and gone into hiding and has now returned for his love.

With photos of Aaron and Petra looking close in "Chapter 15," it doesn't seem out of the question that Aaron could be Zaz. But I have a feeling we won't see the whole Zazo brother story straightened out just yet, since the trailer for the episode showed Petra's ex Rafael proposing to Jane.

I know I will be a bit distracted by Rafael and Jane to worry about Petra's tumultuous love life. But if Aaron really is who he says he is, then I'll probably be even more confused about what's happening. Let's just hope he doesn't fall in love with Petra too.

Images: Danny Feld/The CW; janegifs/Tumblr (3)