Who's The 2015 Bachelorette? Chris Soules Bored Everyone During After The Final Rose & Twitter Just Wanted An Answer

Now that Prince Farming himself, Chris Soules, proposed to Whitney, Bachelor Nation is ready to move on. I feel the exact same way. I mean, I know Whitney and Chris are in love, and that's wonderful. But I'd rather we skip their After The Final Rose chat and get to the good stuff: like who is the next Bachelorette? That was the hottest debate of the season, possibly even more so than wondering who would Chris Soules pick.

Fans got even more excited after host Chris Harrison teased that there would be a dramatic twist that would change everything. It became pretty clear very quickly that the proposal didn't have any twists in it, and was just as mundane as the rest of the season. So fans took to Twitter to anxiously await The Bachelorette news which surely contained the twist that Harrison promised.

Unfortunately ABC wasn't ready to give that to us right away. After a two-hour long finale, I thought they'd finally announce The Bachelorette. But nope! First Chris Soules had to talk to Becca. And then he had to talk to Whitney. And then Chris Harrison had to talk to all three of them. It was really boring. I mean, congrats to the happy couple, but I don't care anymore. Sorry I'm not sorry.

And I wasn't the only person who was basically just tuning in for the big reveal. Bachelor fans across Twitter were very vocal about what they wanted, and they wanted to see who The Bachelorette would be, Chris' love story be damned.

People Waited Anxiously (And Not That Patiently) For The Big News

Others Speculated Who the Bachelorette Would Be (Since ABC Refused to Tell Us)

Some Invented Far Out Twist Theories While Harrison Stayed Mum

But Ultimately Everyone Agreed On One Thing

What do we want? The Bachelorette! When do we want her? Several hours ago!

Image: Matthew Putney/ABC