Was Sara Kidnapped With Others On 'Eye Candy'?

by Keertana Sastry

Now that the initial shock has died down about the reveal of the Eye Candy Flirtual Killer's identity, it's time to get to some of the less shocking, yet still totally noteworthy pieces of information from Monday night's episode "FYEO." Let's talk about Sara. Lindy focused much of the episode on trying to find out whatever she could about Sarah's abduction and the trail began with the head of the Cyber Crimes Unit Catherine Shaw, the very same police department with which she no longer wanted to be associated. But of course before she could ties with them completely, she had to know what potential information Shaw was hiding about Sarah from her and Tommy. Apparently Shaw's niece was once abducted, and Shaw went outside of the law in order to find her. Shaw's niece Mary revealed to Shaw that she was abducted with six other girls, one of them possibly being Sara herself. But what information Lindy got next seemed to be too much, too fast, and a little suspect considering what we know now.

When Lindy went to visit Mary, Mary told her the story of her kidnapping. She had been locked up in dog kennels and given pills every night. There were large enough bars between the kennels that the girls were able to hold hands and comfort each other, and that's how Mary and Sara were able to bond and stay connected to each other, regardless of what levels of hell they were being put through separately. Eventually Mary discovered that Sara's hand was cold and limp, and even though she found a way to escape, she could never forgive herself for living when she believed Sarah had died.

But Lindy couldn't just accept that her sister was dead, she had to confirm it for herself. She discovered that her sister's body could potentially be buried in Harts Island, and Jake decided to help Lindy find the truth by requesting the files of all those who were buried on the island. And later when the photo for Jane Doe, aka potential Sara, has disappeared, Jake then convinced Lindy to break onto the island and dig up the body to see for herself. For a lawyer, that's pretty suspect.

Obviously we know now that Jake is the Flirtual Killer, and now Lindy is currently on a boat with him alone on the way to the island for her answers about Sara. So did Jake plan all of this in advance? Clearly he purposely removed Jane Doe's photo from the pile so he could convince her that seeing the body was the only way to finding the truth. But did he know about Mary? Is it possible that he kidnapped the girls to begin with and that's why he knew all of this information about Harts Island? We did see a dead woman being buried at the very start of the episode, so could Sara really be buried on Harts Island?

Jake still has to reveal himself to Lindy and explain his psycho killer motives. So now that Jake's alter ego is revealed, hopefully in next week's Eye Candy finale, we can find out some clues about Sara!

Images: MTV; dyingtoconnect/Tumblr