Chris Pine Is Headed to 'Horrible Bosses 2,' Will Be Horribly Brilliant

Chris Pine may be more recently known as the heroic lead in Star Trek Into Darkness, but soon he will be known more for his propensity for acting the cad. It's official: Chris Pine will be starring in Horrible Bosses 2 . As a horrible boss. The casting had been rumored for a while now, but now Variety is reporting that all the relevant things have been signed and that the deal is now official.

Considering the conceit of the Horrible Bosses movies — basically bad people doing bad things to the main characters and the comeuppance thereafter — it's really no surprise that he's not playing some beacon of moral sunshine. Pine is set to play half of a father-son team who end up stealing the invention idea of one of the main dudes — Phillip DeBrasier-style, perhaps? (See below.)

If he's half as good as fellow America Sweetheart-gone-bad Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses, we're in for some very, very good things. Plus, Pine's done comedy before, and he's pretty good at it, so it'll be nice to see him take some more swipes at the genre. His part as a prince in in the movie adaptation of Into the Woods is also a comedic one — and a pretty darkly comedic one, as is Horrible Bosses. We like our Pine any which way, so this is welcomed.

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