This 7-Minute Love Story Will Break Your Heart

Imagine if your entire relationship could be condensed down into 7 minutes. What would those 7 minutes look like? Filmmaker Jack Tew has explored that concept in the short film Me & You, which gives a bird's eye view of a bedroom and the love story that unfolds between its inhabitants. The entire film is shot from above, with an impartial bird's eye view, which gives us an intimate yet removed view of the lovers' relationship. It begins like all relationships: quietly, adorably, awkwardly. With a bang, the relationship becomes a mess of sex and laughter and sleeping in, and you wont be able to help being pulled into this little world created by the two lovers.

Eventually, however, things sour: The roof leaks and drips populate a heart shaped container the pair use to curb the injury. This reflects in their relationship, and as they fall into fighting and the room becomes messy with the detritus of their lives, everything starts to fall apart. And this is where we start to get all teary, because we know how much it hurts when you just can't make it work with the one you love. It goes to show that lasting relationships require more than romance, but that the sweetness of that beginning stage is enough to make the end, even for those watching from above, seem dire.

But it doesn't all have to be melancholy heartbreak. If you're feeling the burn of love, take some advice on how to deal with it in a sassy way from these ladies:

Get drunk

Don't get sad, get mad

Find someone else

Write a song

Voila! Heartbreak healed.

Images: Vimeo; Giphy (4)