'Frozen Fever's New Music Is Here & It's Just As Magical As You Knew It'd Be

Considering the fact that it has just started to warm up after a blisteringly cold winter, I can't imagine being excited about something that's frozen... that is, unless it has to do with Disney's Frozen. The monolith animated musical has a mini-sequel on its way, Frozen Fever , and a preview of the new music from the project is finally available on The Hollywood Reporter. Composer Christophe Beck creates a dazzling soundscape that brings you right back into the kingdom of Arendelle. You can just hear the winds whipping through the fjords and the Scandanavian reindeer clomping around town! For a short, it has all of the big Disney musical flare of its major motion pictures.

Frozen Fever, which will premiere along with the upcoming live-action Cinderella film Friday, brings the whole gang back together to celebrate Anna's birthday. However, just when Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven are ready to throw a royal party, Elsa gets sick. Since Elsa has the power to freeze everything in sight, a bout of sneezing doesn't just mean an extra trip to the store for Kleenex — it means lots and lots of ice.

Though it's definitely a difficult fear to top the sensational success of Frozen's Idina Menzel song, "Let it Go," Frozen Fever will feature a new song, "Making Today a Perfect Day," which could easily rival the hit song.

Take a listen to the new music and get back into that Frozen feeling here.

The first bars will make you feel like this

Then, about 30 seconds in you get your Olaf groove on

Then you feel like Sven and Kristoff, galloping in

Then there's a sense that Anna and Elsa are up to no good

And everyone has an epic adventure together

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