How Long Have Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Been Married? Basically Forever In Hollywood Years So Don't Ruin This, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

No matter what you know them from (a soap opera, a made-for-TV thriller, Veronica Mars, or Mad Men), if you're a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna you were probably thrilled to see them join the cast. Personally, I love these two from their Veronica Mars days — even though their characters didn't turn out for the better — and even in 2004 they were a husband and wife acting duo. So how long have Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna been together? In Hollywood years, forever.

And that's why this season's storyline is so jarring. On RHOBH, Kim Richards accuses Hamlin of doing something so terrible, Rinna got worked up enough to lunge across the dinner table. (Which, if you think about it, is just an average dinner party on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.) And while whatever it was that "Harry did" might seem dramatic, this couple is actually a pretty low-key, normal couple by Hollywood standards.

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna married in 1997, which clocks them in at 18 years. At the time of their marriage, Rinna was starring in Melrose Place, and Hamlin was starring in TV movies like it was his job. Oh, wait. Anyway, since they married, the couple have had two daughters (who we've seen on RHOBH a few times): Delilah Belle was born in 1998 and Amelia Gray was born in 2001. Here's a photo of the adorable family that I'm so obsessed with, I might frame it amongst photos of my own family.

Rinna and Hamlin have acted together in a number of things, because the couple that acts together stays together or something like that. Besides Veronica Mars (where they played a married couple), Hamlin and Rinna have also been in a Lifetime movie called Sex, Lies, and Obsession (which sounds like the description of every Lifetime movie, ever); they've both participated in Dancing With the Stars (although they were on different seasons); and they even starred opposite of each other on Broadway in Chicago (Hamlin as Billy Flynn, Rinna as Roxie Hart).

Almost of equal importance, Rinna and Hamlin co-starred in a commercial for Depend ® Silhouette, where Rinna is modeling her new Depends underwear under a black evening gown. Meanwhile, Hamlin looks on like a supportive husband who wonders how the hell he got there. Whatever, it was for charity, supposedly, so I'll let them have it.

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The happy couple is also set to appear in Penn Jillette's Director's Cut , which is a weird thriller-meta-comedy that we saw Rinna work on in a January episode of RHOBH. See? The couple that acts together does stay together. I mean, when I'm right, I'm right.