Lauren Conrad Makes A Confession About Her Exes That Will Change The Way You Think Of 'Laguna Beach' & 'The Hills'

If you grew up watching Laguna Beach and The Hills, then there's no doubt that at one time or another you rooted for Lauren Conrad to end up with Brody Jenner or Stephen Colletti — regardless of whether the reality shows were real or not. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in an interview with Redbook, LC confessed she never saw Jenner or Colletti as husband material. Now, she didn't use those exact words, but she did say it in a roundabout way. Actually, Conrad said her husband William Tell was "the first person [she] ever thought [she] could marry."

It's official: our high school and college MTV reality TV years are officially ruined. Thanks, LC! Thanks, a lot. To be honest, did I ever really think Conrad would end up with either of these men? Not really. As for her relationship with Jason Wahler, well, I think everyone realized she wasn't destined to be with him, especially after he kissed Jessica in front of her.

Anyways, fans, including myself, of the reality shows became so invested in the lives of these "characters" that we couldn't help but root for them, especially Conrad. All we wanted was for her to find love and be successful! Well, she has and she is.

Even though she was never "obsessed with the idea of marriage," Conrad has found love and tied the knot. In September 2014, Conrad married Tell and now she's living the dream we all wished for her. Also, she's a badass in the fashion world and continues to make a name for herself through clothes, beauty products, travel accessories, and whatever else you can think of.

See? In the end, she didn't need Stephen or Brody. If she had chosen either of them, she might still feel like part of her was unwritten.

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