'Zoolander's 20 Best Celebrity Cameos, Because 'Zoolander 2' Totally Needs To Take Inspiration From These

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The Zoolander performances that cling to memory are those from star and director Ben Stiller and a villainous (and perfectly coiffed) Will Ferrell, but the true heroes of Zoolander are the many celebrities roped in to cameo and, thus, parody themselves.

Zoolander is filled to the brim with celebrity cameos, boasting actors, models, musicians, and business tycoons all laying waste to any sense of self-seriousness. In celebration of the grand characteristic of being able to laugh at yourself... and, yes, in anticipation of the upcoming Zoolander sequel... here's a quick ranking of the best and worst of Zoolander's self-skewering celebrity cameos.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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