7 Hairstyles For When You Haven't Washed Your Hair

by Maureen Luyun

Raise your hand if you haven't touched your shampoo bottle in three days? Four? FIVE? Me, too! Kudos, you're part of a movement that embraces actually having a life and feeling gorgeous at the same time. The trick? Easy hairstyles for dirty hair. Guess how many times Kim Kardashian washes her hair (or has someone on her team wash it for her?) Once. A. Week. And yes, Gretchen Weiner's hair is so big because it's full of secrets, and the main one she's been keeping from all The Plastics is that she goes the entire week without washing it.

In actuality, it's healthier to keep your cleansing routine to a minimum because the chemicals in shampoo have a tendency to strip your hair of those essential oils that keep your mane shiny. I've been a member of this "no poo" society (A.K.A. #dirtyhairdontcare) for about a year now, and my hair has never been healthier.

Whatever your reasoning for not washing your hair anymore might be, you're not alone. One of the best parts about adopting a low maintenance hair lifestyle is being able to spend more time doing what you actually want (or need) to do instead of wasting said time in front of the mirror.

Keep scrolling for an entire week's worth of super simple, lazy gal hairstyles (that aren't your basic top knot) that will keep your hair game on point all week long.

1. Lauren Conrad-inspired Waves

I style my hair once a week, and I don't wash it for a good four to six days. When Lauren Conrad revealed her secret method for those signature California Girl waves that we coveted, but never knew how to get, I was surprised there wasn't a nationwide power outage. I've got no shame in admitting that I ran straight to my bathroom and plugged in my curling iron to try it on my naturally curly, frizzy, second-day old hair. It took me about an hour from start to finish, only because I couldn't pull myself away from the mirror for 30 minutes and had a full-fledged selfie shoot — that's how much I was feeling my look. These waves are perfect for a no poo lifestyle because they look great all day, erry day and get even better as the week goes on.

Xtava Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron System, $39.99, Amazon

2. The Dry Shampoo "Blowout"

Say it with me, ladies: DRY SHAMPOO IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND. As a professional cosmetics collector (read: hoarder), I've personally tested my fair share of products that reel me in with their empty promises, but dry shampoo is one of my favorite haircare products by far. When it feels like nothing in your life is going right, that little can of magical hair goodness will be there to save you. Don't be overwhelmed by the myriad of dry shampoo brands and formulas out there. If you're a no poo novice, I recommend an aerosol dry shampoo over a powder formula, but they give the same result.

Spray your roots (with special care to your crown and the area around your forehead) and let the dry shampoo soak up all the ick from yesterday's shenanigans while you brush your teeth. (Warning: you will have grey/white roots so don't let it freak you out.) I let it sit for a solid 5-10 minutes before I zhush it up to restyle. You can use a brush or your fingers to work in until you start to see your natural hair color again. To get the bed head look, I tease my crown to add volume (native Texan here) and brush out my curled ends and take my curling iron to add in a few pieces for texture. Finish it off with hairspray and be on your way!

Batiste Clean and Classic Dry Shampoo, $8.55, Amazon

3. The Half Updo

For days when it's hella windy, rainy or you're straight up tired of tucking your hair behind your ear, get creative with a handful of bobbi pins. You can pin back a section of your hair for a half updo or add texture to a center part (or deep side part, if that's your thing) and pin back one-inch twists.

Scunci No Slip Bobbi Pins, $4.69, Amazon

4. The Sleek Ponytail

Don't get me wrong, I love a messy top knot. The sleek and chic ponytail is having a major high fashion moment right now. All you need is an elastic (or two) to achieve a sporty and sassy look, whether you're killin' it at the gym or heading to happy hour.

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, $5.95, Amazon

5. The Chic Side Braid

Who else is stoked that the messy look is in? It came in waves with ombre (A.K.A. the lazy gal's highlights) and now the natural, windswept look is so hot right now. If you've mastered bed head and messy top knots, perfecting the next-level side braid style is your latest challenge.

6. The Accessorized 'Do

When isn't it a good time to accessorize? If hats or hair turbans aren't your thing, stick to the basics like headbands or barrettes.

DreamLily Floral Hair Turban, $6.49, Amazon

7. The Deep Side Part

Huzzah, hooray -- it's the end of the week! Wear your hair down and rock a deep side part this weekend. On Sunday night, go ahead and wash the week out of your hair and start it all over again.

Images: shandilee/Flickr