6 Easy Hairstyles That Don't Require A Hair Tie

by Annie Crawford

Some days, a girl just doesn’t have time for hair drama. The idea of looking for a hair tie or hunting down another bobby pin seems like the last straw in a string of bad hair day downers. Alternately, leaving the crazy mess atop your head without any sort of style seems impossible, too. You’re tempted to chop it all off with nail scissors, but intellectually you recognize that minor victory will be overshadowed by having to grow out a homemade bowl cut for the next year. You stare at the mirror, annoyed, and ask: "Are there any hairstyles that don't require hot tools or hair ties?"

Yesterday your hair was the greatest thing ever. It was a work of art. Each strand carried a transcendent sexual charisma all its own. Today the whole mess seems more like an ill-tempered raccoon. Snarling and prone to trashiness with absolutely no regard for your feelings. So what are you to do? Never fear! There are ways to get through life with quick fixes. If you look at your disheveled 'do and are considering ending it all, try these no fuss hairstyles that don’t need a hair tie, a bobby pin, a blow dryer, or curlers. It’s just you, a comb, maybe some hairspray, and a "I'm going to look great" attitude.

Here are six quick hair fixes that don't need a hair tie or hair tools to look hot.

1. 80s Glamazon

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Somedays your hair has more grease than a fry kitchen. Instead of freaking out, turn it into a thing of beauty. Slick your already slippery locks straight back from your forehead using your fingers or a comb. If you have hairspray, spray as you're combing back to get that sexy look. If your hair is thicker, you may need to wet it to maintain the shape. Put on bright lips and claim the style as your own. Your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength!

2. Romantic Braids


Braids are your best friend if your hair is rebelling against logic and decency. If the AC gave out at work and your hair is increasing in volume by the second, weave small braids into your hair to create a romantic, soft (and sneakily restrained) look. Play with bigger braids for a funkier style if you're out dancing and you're losing your mind from the heat on the crowded dance floor.

3. Frizz Is Your Friend


Say your hair has eclipsed frizzy and hit new levels of intensity on the kinky-puffy-massive scale. You're trapped on a desert island (such a realistic scenario!) with your super biggest crush of all time (also totally feasible!) with nary a serum, straightener, or curl creme in sight. The only thing to do is to make it work. Use your fingers to frizz it out to high heaven, finger comb it over to one side, and create a big, messy, sex bomb of a braid. Just in time for the rescue boat to arrive.

4. Knot Afraid


If your hair is long enough, gather all those misbehaving locks into a pony, either on top of your head or at the base of your neck. Forced to live in a cruel world without hair ties, you learn that you can easily tie your own hair into a knot. Twist the hair from the base, as though winding a bun. When you have your hair wrapped completely around itself, pull the tail end through the middle of the bun with a firm tug. It may take the occasional re-tie, but in a pinch is a pretty effective strategy. Bonus points on this one, because as it comes loose, you get seductive tendrils that frame your face. Win!

5. Middle Part

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If your strands are so limp it's making your heart hurt, roll with the punches. Instead of bemoaning the fact that you have zero volume, work some saucy minimalist girl style. Part your hair straight down the middle. Use water or hairspray to hold it in place, and either knot a low bun at the nape of your neck or fashion a loose braid down your back. You'll go from hair disaster to downtown chic in a matter of minutes.

6. Seductive Side Part


If your hair is still damp, make a deep side part and shape hair up and over the top as it air dries. Tucking your long fringe or bangs behind your ear will help your hair to dry in this shape. Pull around the length of your hair to hang over your shoulder to up the glam a bit.

Let's face it. You're a babe. What you consider a bad hair day is anything but. Shift your perspective and see it as an opportunity to try out a new look. If you know things have been going rough, trying sleeping on these hair styles to wake up already set to roll. If you need no-fuss hairstyles for work that don't require too much time, we've got options! Play with it, have fun, and whatever you do, don't cut off your hair with nail scissors.

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