Elizabeth Banks Should Play Billie Jean King In The Upcoming HBO Biopic For These 8 Good Reasons

I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely love Elizabeth Banks, and I absolutely love watching tennis. Which is not to say that people hate either Banks or tennis, but they can't possibly love them as much as I do. Thus, you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard the rumor that Elizabeth Banks is in talks to sign on for the role of legendary tennis player Billie Jean King in an upcoming HBO movie. Not only will Banks play the tennis icon, but she might be staring alongside actor Paul Giamatti. Giamatti is said to "be in talks" to play tennis great Bobby Riggs, and the movie is set to focus around the infamous Battle of the Sexes match between King and Riggs that took place in 1973.

The script for the movie hasn't been written yet, but Proof's David Auburn will be at the helm as a writer. Plus there are some major power players producing the film like Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Banks herself — all the more reason she needs to take on this role. I am so excited for this movie and it hasn't even been written yet. But, even without a script or much else in place, I have plenty of reasons for why Banks should be the film's lead actress.

1. Banks Is Already Involved With The Project


This just seems like a no-brainer to me. If Banks's production company, Brownstone Productions, and her producing partner, Max Handelman, are already involved in the film, then Banks might as well act. As a producer, she will have the power to make changes to the project and voice her opinion. Banks's role as producer would give her the ability to make sure she is comfortable as an actress.

2. An All Star Team Is In The Works


This film already has some great people on board. First of all, HBO is the king network out of all the premium television channels, with the best of the best working with them. Giamatti is also in talks to star. He has a great reputation as an actor and would bring some credibility to the film. Plus, the producing team includes the one and only Tom Hanks, and everything Hanks touches turns to gold. It would be foolish to turn down this acting role.

3. She Has Worked With Giamatti Before

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The third time could be the charm for Banks and Giamatti. They just collaborated on the Brian Wilson biographical movie Love & Mercy, and they also stared in the Christmas movie Fred Claus. A rapport is important for this character-driven movie, and Giamatti and Banks already know each other well.

4. Banks Deserves Her Time In The Spotlight


I love Banks because she has such a great sense of delivery and has brought a certain charm to all of the roles that she has played. Sadly, her most famous roles have been side parts like in The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect movies. This movie will give Banks the opportunity to be the lead actress in a dramatic role and show people what she's really made of. She can definitely gain some star power for playing a real person like Billie Jean King.

5. Billie Jean King Is An Icon


King is a living, breathing icon. She is known for being more than an incredible tennis player. She is someone who stood up for women's rights and showed people that women can be just as successful as men on and off the tennis court. Playing King in this infamous match against male tennis player Bobby Riggs would be legendary.

6. Feminism Is Such A Hot Button Topic Right Now


Sadly it's 2015 and feminism is still a hot topic that's up for debate. love that people are standing up for women's rights, but I just can't believe it's still a question that women should have equal rights and opportunities to succeed. This movie has the potential to continue this dialogue, and hopefully make true gender equality closer to becoming our reality.

7. This Could Bring More American Attention To Tennis

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Tennis takes a great amount of athleticism, and the athletes have a short career span because of the toll it takes on the body. It is really a remarkable sport that is entertaining to watch. Making this television movie could spark more people to learn about the history of tennis and to watch the current tournaments.

8. TV Movies Have More Prestige Now


Television has so much prestige these days. A TV movie on a premium channel has the potential to reach so many people who are watching in the comfort of their own homes. Big movie stars are taking on roles in television movies, mini series, and TV shows. For instance, Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey was on TV in True Detective and Uma Thurman starred in the mini-series The Slap. This could be a big move for Banks to be involved with a prestigious, well done project that can reach more people than a movie theater film could. There are so many great reasons for Elizabeth Banks to commit to this role. I think it has the potential to be a career-changing move and take her to the next level.

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