Lexi Walker Is A Little Girl Who Sang The Nation Anthem And Instantly Became The Next Mariah Carey — VIDEO

Move over Beyoncé! There's a new National Anthem singing star in town. Her name is Lexi Walker, and she belted out (for realsies too!) the National Anthem at a Real Vs Vancouver Football match recently and it is mind blowing. I don't know exactly how tall Lexi is, but she can't be any more than about 5-feet high, judging from the video, and looks like she hasn't even hit puberty yet. But damn, the girl can SING. If you're anything like me, someone who, despite sounding like a slowly drowning cat, dreams of someday winning a Grammy, this performance will leave you both riveted (the normal response) and jealous that a tiny little lady has been gifted with such awesome vocal ability.

Adorably, Lexi captioned the video with the statement, "Right before I went out to sing this, my Dad bet me I couldn't hit the high note....I won!! :)", and she's entirely right, she did win, Walter White style. She not only hit that high note, she absolutely and gloriously destroyed it. Like Mariah Carey-level destruction. It should give you chills, and in the grand tradition of America, leave you breathlessly awaiting her future career in pop music. Watch below:

Lexi Mae Walker on YouTube

Here are five other kids singing the National Anthem:

1. This kid who grew up to be Ariana Grande (it's a bright future awaiting Lexi, no?):

CatAGvalentineFan on YouTube

2. This 2-year-old who, shut up, is so adorable:

Jessica Harris on YouTube

3. This amazing 7-year-old in a sharp suit:

Anthony Gargiula on YouTube

4. This future girl group, who harmonized it:

Mike Fipps on YouTube

5. This very passionate, beautiful 3-year-old who REALLY MEANS every word:

Grace Anna Sings on YouTube

Image: YouTube