These 13 Optical Illusion Dresses Will Remind You All About #TheDress

If #TheDress fiasco taught us anything, it's that our eyes do, in fact, deceive us. And while most of the world is likely sick to death of seeing that infernal black and blue (or white and gold) dress by now, it was an excellent reminder of how universally captivating an optical illusion can be. Unfortunately, in the case of #TheDress, that optical illusion happened to be an extremely ugly one. But not all tricks of the eye have to be quite so garish.

While you can buy the exact dress that set the Internet on fire, I wouldn't recommend it. Both from a taste and a quality point of view, it's not the smartest investment.

Believe it or not, optical illusion dresses were a big trend in fashion long before anyone had even considered asking the Internet what color they were. Just flash back to Stella McCartney's Spring 2013 collection where sheer panels and perfectly placed transparencies ruled the runway. Since most big ideas from high fashion take a few years to trickle down and influence what the rest of us are wearing, we're all right on time for some seriously hallucinatory apparel.

I've gathered together a few of the best options below to help you play mind games on a whole new level at the next party you attend.