The Nike x Sacai Collab Is The Way Of The Future

by Tyler Atwood

Now and again, the fashion industry collaborates on something truly innovative that redefines the parameters of modern style. Nike X Sacai's new athletic/leisure collaboration is just such a venture, and its mashup of comfort and style may harken a shift towards a new strain of everyday wares. You can get your first peek at the collection's lookbook and accompanying promo video on, where news of the line first broke this morning.

While Nike is renowned for its streamlined designs, bold use of color and pattern, and above all, comfort, Sacai designer Chitose Abe's modus operandi is to create both wearable and visionary pieces. According to an interview with Business Of Fashion, the 16-year-old company relies on fabrics crafted especially for Abe, silhouettes that are experimental but versatile for everyday wear, and fit for the modern woman in her many endeavors. Design elements such as an unexpected frill here and a transparent, pleated silk there exude Abe's forward-thinking insouciance.

The Nike X Sacai line embodies both Abe's sartorial attitude and her signature detailing, with the added benefit of being fit for a trip to the cardio arena at Equinox. Platform slip-on Air Max sneakers in virulent green and black play well with the line's skirts and windbreakers featuring wispy accordion pleats at the back. Even the humble grey sweatsuit gets a much-needed makeover in the new collection, featuring accents of lime green and a netted, lace-trimmed back for added breathability. The collection also offers a kicky grey shift dress made entirely out of sweatshirt material, complete with Sacai's signature fan back.

Clearly, both Nike and Abe sought to create a line uniting function, fitness, and fashion. As Abe related to Style . com, “The idea of functionality is important to me, as is fabric innovation, which has always been at the heart of Sacai. For me, Nike is an original icon with performance and innovation at its core."

Indeed, the Nike X Sacai collection is undoubtably a precursor of fitness fashion to come. The burgeoning trend has already seen the creation of silken sweatpants for everyday wear and embellished designer sweatshirts worn outside of the home. With the introduction of Nike's new collection, consumers will have yet another opportunity to indulge in clothing that is tailored to their busy and frenetic lifestyles. Modern culture revolves around constant movement, so why shouldn't clothing? The era of hiding tattered gym clothing from the prying eyes of the public is over. For 2015, athleisure attire is the new boyfriend jean.

Fans of the lookbook had best start scouting out their favorite looks, as the collection's March 19th release date is sure to see a mad scramble by consumers to snatch up every last piece.

Images: Nikelab/Instagram