Your Ultimate 'The Bachelor' Dictionary

Being a Bachelor fan is a unique experience. Personally, I've been watching the show for several years now, and I think my favorite part of being apart of Bachelor Nation is that a whole world really has been crafted around the series. Sometimes The Bachelor is just its own universe, especially when it comes to all the Bachelor phrases that don't mean anything outside the show, but have a ton of meaning while you're watching.

For example, if you say "journey" in real life, most people think you're talking about the band. But on the ABC show, it's a phrase to describe the trajectory of the show — the "journey" that everyone is taking. That's one of the most popular Bachelor-specific words, but it's far from the only one: Everyone from the Bachelor himself to host Chris Harrison to the contestants have been known to of use words in their own special, Bachelor-y way, and in that sense they have even more meaning. It's like The Bachelor has its own special vocabulary.

So whether you're a longtime fan, or just starting the show now, here are all the words and phrases you need to know. Think of it as your own personal Bachelor lexicon complete with hilarious GIFs. Now, go study up before the next season!

"Rose" (Variations Include: "Group Date Rose" and "First Impression Rose")

A flower that causes undue stress to everyone in its general vicinity.

"It's OK"

A phrase that is so not OK to use.

"The Final Rose This Evening"

Something Chris Harrison points out, despite the fact that everyone already knows it's the last rose.

"Fantasy Suite"

The euphemism for the place where the Bachelors get down and dirty.


The adventure the contestants are undertaking with the hope of falling in love. See also: "process."

"Will You Accept This Rose?"

A sentence basically no one ever says "no" to.

"The House"

A real-life mansion that everyone gets so used to living in that they start calling it just a "house."

"Two-on-One Date"

The stuff of nightmares. Usually includes putting two women who hate each other on the same date and then leaving them alone together for periods of time.

"One-on-One Date"

An outing that everyone wants, partially because they get to hang out with the Bachelor, and partially because it gets them out of the "house." Usually includes a death-defying activity.


Used to describe everything from exciting dates to pretty mundane events.

"Falling In Love"

The Bachelor equivalent of regular "in love." But this cautious version is used to avoid getting totally hurt on national television if you get sent home.

"Cocktail Party"

An hours-long event where people are permitted to drink as much as they want while also talking non-stop about needing more time with the Bachelor.

"Pool Party"

The casual equivalent of a cocktail party.

"The Hardest Decision I've Ever Had to Make"

A decision to send someone home that will no doubt be overshadowed by the even harder decision next week.

"The Tierra of the House"

Someone who presents themselves as mean to the women, but nice to the Bachelor. See also: "She's one way in the house and one way with you."

"The Courtney of the House"

A "Tierra" who wins the season.

"The Ashley S. of the House"

A contestant that is deemed "crazy" but actually is just too awesome for you to understand her.


A word used to describe most events on this show. See also: "shocking."

"The Right Reasons"

A phrase used so often that people aren't really even sure what it means anymore. See also: the title of Sean Lowe's book.

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