What Does Your Fave 'TVD' 'Ship Say About You?

If you've put every episode of The Vampire Diaries in your supernatural drama-loving eyes, you've seen a lot of relationships come and go. Lots o' mixin', lots o' matchin', and lots o' heartbreak. But, just how many relationships are we talking? Well, according to my calculations, over the course of the show's five and a half seasons, there have been approximately 750 different romantic pairings on The Vampire Diaries . If you are a devout fan of the series (and how could you not be?!) I'd be willing to wager you care about one 'ship more than all of the other 'ships. A 'ship you'd go to bat for. Your most beloved 'ship.

I’ve selected the seven romantic pairings that are without a doubt some of the show's biggest — both in time the show has spent focused on them, and in fan base. Some of these 'ships are long over, some of these 'ships are complicated, and some of these 'ships are still going strong — but, the single trait all of these 'ships share: If you root for any of these pairs, it totally reveals something specific about your personality, and who you really are inside.

So, without further ado, let's find out exactly what:

Elena & Stefan

You don’t call two people who are in love “soul mates.” You call them “destined to be with each other because they are descendants of two immortal beings who happen to be crazy in love."

Elena & Damon

You believe that true love does not require memories to thrive, just an undeniable connection. Your favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Caroline & Stefan

You are a patient, patient person. You've waited in line for hours for a Cronut, because you knew the combination of a donut and croissant was going to be unstoppable. And, once you got your hands on that hybrid pastry, you turned off your humanity (i.e., stopped worrying about being polite) and devoured it in 20 seconds. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

Bonnie & Jeremy

Oh, you. You hopeless romantic, you. You believe love truly can conquer all. Even if that "all" is something supernatural and/or evil. LOVE IS BIGGER THAN THE GEMINI COVEN'S PRISON WORLD!

Caroline & Klaus

You don't give up on things easily. You watch TVD and The Originals for one reason, and for one reason only: Klaroline. You are holding onto a sliver of hope that Caroline and Klaus will reunite some day.

Rebekah & Matt

You are a human who would totally date a vampire.

Liv & Tyler

Liv Tyler is your favorite actress.

Images: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW; elenaxstefan, serieslove97, queenkatherinepierce, spaceandbeyond, kenzamazing, falling-rainbow, emmaventury/tumblr