Nike Women's Instagram Is Shoppable Now

I love thumbing through Instagram to look for outfit inspiration. But if you’re always scrolling through the #OOTD hashtag like me, then you know the frustration of seeing the most necessary staple piece for your wardrobe and not knowing where to get it. That’s why I’m so stoked that Nike Women’s Instagram feed is shoppable now. Looks like my workout wear is going to get an upgrade.

Seriously, it should be a rule on Instagram that if you’re wearing something super cute that obviously everyone is gonna want, you have to write down where you got it. Share the love, you know? On Nike Women’s Instagram bio, there’s a link that takes you to their shoppable page, which is identical to their Insta feed. There, you can scroll around and click to purchase any of their fresh threads while gaining workout and outfit inspirations at the same time.

Since they just recently started their shoppable page, there are only 12 photos to buy from. But you should definitely follow them closely because they’ll for sure be uploading all of their latest soon. Vogue and Kate Spade have also hopped onto the shoppable Instagram trend. But now I’m hoping that all Instagram fashionistas will follow the trend and turn their feeds into shoppable ones too. Imagine all the outfit possibilities! Actually scratch that. I’d be so broke.

Check out a few of the kicks and clothes you can cop from Nike Women's Instagram now:

Images: nikewomen/Instagram (3)